I understand that they weren't TMO employees or MUM students. But Doug, it 
seemed to me, was citing the proposed policy to support his contention that, by 
extension, the three protesters should be punished for getting arrested. The 
proposal does say "convicted," according to Doug, and also says it applies to 
"any criminality on behalf of the movement's work," so maybe that would mean it 
wouldn't apply to the present case even if the protesters *were* TMO 
employees/MUM students. 

 But you see what I'm getting at, I hope. Nonviolent civil disobedience in the 
cause of justice, as far as I'm concerned, is very much in line with the goals 
of the movement, not something that warrants severe disapproval and sanctions 
if the protesters are arrested, or even if they're convicted.



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 But the three individuals were not employees of the TM organization. 

It does not seem remarkable to me that an organization says that if you are 
convicted of a criminal offense you will lose your job (although it's not clear 
from Doug's post whether the TM org. has such a policy or merely that some 
people are advocating such a policy).  

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 That's a sick, perverted policy if it includes civil disobedience in the 
interests of justice. It's the opposite of an ethical policy. 



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 Whether convicted by felony or misdemeanor, some have long been advocate for a 
directive ethics policy being in place for our .org employees of the ™ 
movement, the policy being such that all employees of the movement shall be 
held accountable for illegal behaviors or actions as employees. Accountable in 
that any criminality on behalf of the movement’s work will henceforth receive 
zero tolerance and lead directly to dismissal, termination of employment. . 
Clearly written, clearly stated. A new era for movement employed apparatchiks. 
 If meditators had their meditations checked should they be let back in with 
the collective of the communal group meditation regardless of their criminality?

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 As far as I know, the individuals concerned have no connection to the 

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 I agree with Ann, they should be given medals (and bailed out by the 
university if necessary).
Given medals for what?  Bailed out by the University? Why? Misappropriation of 
University funds.

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   As long as they were arrested for committing nonviolent civil disobedience, 


 One can never be sure exactly what the fruits of group meditation will be, how 
they will manifest in the world. It may very well be that participation in 
nonviolent protests against oppression and injustice is one of those fruits.



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 There are some meditators from Fairfield, Iowa here who have
 been arrested out protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline.

 As representative exponents of reality, is it too late to decertify or at 
least separate from representing the community or the teaching transcending 
meditation someone who was trained and certified directly by Maharishi, even 
for their civil or criminal misconduct?
 What about these community meditators going out and making a spectacle of 
themselves and getting arrested law violating? If they had their meditations 
checked should they be let back in with the collective of the communal group 

 Really?! Those who went, protested and got arrested deserve medals not 
condemnation. Good for them. FF residents (and meditators to boot) doing 
something concrete in this world instead of thinking group meditation will 
solve everything. Finally, something I can respect! Well done all you 
'criminals' and scofflaws out there - more power to you. 


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