Been pondering this...and starting to conclude that the global uber rich, the 
billionaire class, are behind his staying power. Trump is being advised by many 
who don't see the USA as a country, but simply a market to be manipulated and 
exploited for gain. They don't care who he is as a person or how he corrupts 
the culture. Culture wars are an advantage for the very wealthy - the churn and 
disruption allows for money-making opportunities, and a further mask on how the 
masses are manipulated like puppets. 

Trump is widely seen as an oaf and a bully who wants to win big business deals 
*at any cost*, without regulation, safety, or fair representation, and lower 
the corporate tax rate. Trump's narcissism and those with whom he associates, 
makes it easy to overlook, and plainly resent, the government of the people, 
thinking he and his cadre are the only ones to be rewarded. His ruling fantasy 
appears to be along the lines of banding together with Putin and other 
dictators and literally making it a Trump world. Simplistic, short-sighted, 
mean, megalomaniacal, and very dangerous. Trump's candidacy is a feeding frenzy 
for opportunists and con artists of every stripe, happily willing to hold their 
noses, in favor of fattening their pockets. Raw greed and ego, "The New World 
Order" re-emerges; everything for sale, everything for further, endless, 
needless treasure. Divide, and conquer.

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 To me, it's almost unthinkable that anyone who considers themselves to have 
any basic decency, or any empathy at all for their fellow travelers on this 
planet, could ever for five seconds consider voting for an such an obviously 
unbalanced and mentally-impaired individual as Trump.  I just don't get it.

 Me neither. No clue whatsoever. It's like the most obvious thing on the 
planet. The guy is utterly transparent. He is a slimeball. It is inconceivable 
that everyone doesn't recognize it. So strange to me. It is seriously one of 
those strange mysteries that eludes me totally.

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[FairfieldLife] <> wrote:

 Weak play. I can't think of *anything* that would debilitate Hillary Clinton 
to the level of Trump's vitriol and incoherence. Trump seems to be congenitally 
both vicious and stupid, a rare combination, and one particularly unsuited for 
the presidency.  Awhile back I suggested he apply in mid-November for White 
House groundskeeper, though now as I think about it, that will seriously cut 
into his TV watching time...
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Clinton fainting at the 9/11 memorial ceremony This implies she lied about her 
health since t...


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