I don't respond to insulting posts such as this one. 

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I read that Trump has committed himself to the debate, 

 Oh yeah?  Where’d you read that one?


 so he would lose face by withdrawing, whatever the excuse. I wish I shared 
your optimism about a huge defeat. I think it is going to be too close for 
comfort, and it would not surprise me if Trump won. Hillary is in a very 
difficult position right now, with her health. People respond to images of 
strength, and right now Trump looks robust and strong, and Hillary looks weak. 

 So let me get this straight…Hillary can get a clean bill of health from a 
legitimate physician, and campaign clearly and brilliantly 18-hour days for a 
year straight without incident, then has one  stumble on the way to her car, 
and all of a sudden she has “health issues”?

 Meanwhile, Trump shows a bogus letter from someone totally unqualified to 
write it, looks like a walking heart attack the entire campaign, along with not 
being able to answer some of the simplest questions and  showing other obvious 
signs of significant mental impairment.  And that, to you, looks “strong”?

 If so, you  might want to check into the nearest mental hospital yourself.  
Give the old misogyny-meter a whirl too.

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 And speaking of kicking butt, here’s what I predict happens: 

 Trump refuses to come to the debates (or at least the first one) because 
of_______________ (fill in the blank).

 He then hilariously uses the fact that he didn’t get to debate as an excuse 
for why he lost eh election, hugely.  

 All the threats about rigged elections and suing go up in smoke as he slinks 
away, totally defeated, never to be heard from again (politically at least.)

 After  putting the GOP in the dumpster for the next generation (or hopefully 
longer) he decides to open his next hotel the one place in the world he feels 
comfortable...Elba.  (Ok, I don’t really think that’s going to happen, but 
nothing would surprise me at this point)

 That’s my story, as of now anyway.


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Seriously? The man-child Donald? She could kick Trump's ass with both hands 
tied behind her back, lying down. That's how. He is a pathetic target - Any ten 
year old girl could have the guy in an intellectual headlock in under a minute. 
He is not a bright, capable, or useful person. Kind of slow and backwards 
actually. And physically, a walking heart attack, frighteningly obese
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 I don't know how she's going to *kick* anybody's ass when she can't lift her 
own feet to get into a van.

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   Name your illness or disability, and she still kicks Trump's butt 
intellectually, emotionally, experientially, ethically, morally, and yes, 
probably financially. He is sooooo far beneath her in every respect, it doesn't 
really make any sense to compare the two.

Which is why the Republican leadership all pretend Trump doesn't exist, that 
they are somehow not responsible for the filth and ignorance he brings alive 
around him. Tacitly approving it, but then making excuses, "Oh its Hillary I 
don't like, not that I prefer Trump", they proclaim. Always excuses. Always 
silently approving the ugliness and separation, the us vs them, the stink of I 
don't give a shit what happens to America that accompanies Trump everywhere, 
his signature message. His outsider status also proclaiming that he has never 
done a day of public service in his life. The loser, the schemer, the idiot, 
the manipulator.

Screw him and everyone supporting him. He won't help those that naively believe 
he can "fix the system", whatever that even means. He is stupid, vain, horribly 
unhealthy - can you imagine that beast in a bathing suit?? A watermelon on 
toothpicks with orange fur on its head - hideous. He is as ugly outside as he 
is within - a waste.

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 Hillary may have Parkinson's 


 Hillary Clinton's Illness Revealed Videos constructed from public sources that 
show the true Hillary Clinton. All video used under the doctrine of ... 


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 Bingo!  Steve gets it!

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   A small distinction, which may, or may not help.

 It's not that anyone is so much "for" Trumpster, but rather they dislike 
Hillary so much.

 That's just what I've picked up from the hinterlands.

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 To me, it's almost unthinkable that anyone who considers themselves to have 
any basic decency, or any empathy at all for their fellow travelers on this 
planet, could ever for five seconds consider voting for an such an obviously 
unbalanced and mentally-impaired individual as Trump.  I just don't get it.






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