FALSE: Hillary 'Body Double' Teresa Barnwell Appeared in NYC After Clinton's 
9/11 Medical Incident 
 FALSE: Hillary 'Body Double' Teresa Barnwell App... #HillarysBodyDouble took 
over Twitter with claims that lookalike Teresa Barnwell appeared in New York to 
impersonate Hillary Clinton after a medical incident.
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 Love your unimpeachably reliable sources, Bhairitu.

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 Also it is being reported that the woman who emerged from the apartment and 
waved was Hillary's (well known) double. WABC in New York (mistakenly) reported 
that Hillary had died in a hospital.


 Contrary to initial appearances, Superstation95 is neither a radio 
"superstation" nor an actual news source, but rather a conspiracy site that 
peddles false claims and misinformation from Hal Turner, a felon 
who spent 33 months in prison for making 
death threats against three federal judges in 2009. (The information on the 
site's "Contact"; page 
references Turner's criminal lawyer.)
 The "DEFCON 3" claim (seemingly debunked by its originators in the comments) 
wasn't the first instance during which Superstation95 has  advanced alarmist 
hoaxes or conspiracy theories on social media. Appearing in late 2015, 
Superstation95 wasted no time in embellishing what were often legitimate 
tragedies or unfortunate events with falsified but upsetting details. Among the 
most widely shared were claims a large group of Muslim men began firing upon campers and 
hikers in California, Fukushima caused severe 
mutations in marine life, cargo ships mysteriously ground to a halt 
signaling an imminent global economic catastrophe, a deadly Las Vegas strip car 
crash involved a driver shouting "Allahu Akbar,"; the San 
Bernardino shooting 
was provoked by pork served at a holiday party shortly before the massacre, the 
Earth's "magnetosphere"; 
inexplicably collapsed for two hours, a (nonexistent) suicide note left by a 
genuinely deceased ICE agent warned of impending FEMA 
camps and mass enslavement, and that articles about the Orlando shooting appeared on Google 
News hours before the attack.
 None of Superstation95's opportunistic claims have ever come to fruition....
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