You and many others are cherry-picking, out of desperation. Clinton has been in 
public service longer than Trump has been building golf courses, screwing 
independent contractors, and renting out his name. So it is like comparing an 
encyclopedia, to a cocktail napkin. 

Comparing a former US Senator, First Lady, and Secretary of State, to someone 
who has not even *voted* reliably, with *no* record of public service, who's 
childish and relentless mission in life is for increasing self-aggrandizement. 
Both ludicrous, and impossible.  
---In, <mdixon.6569@...> wrote :

 One is a responsible, experienced, and dedicated public servant, the other a 
demented reality TV clown, with "small hands".
 Benghazi, E-mails deleted and destroyed and on her own private, unsecured 
server, not a sign of *responsibility*. According to the FBI, the server could 
have been hacked.I've known clerks in city, and state offices with as much 
dedication. Clowns can be very likeable, Hillary has a problem with 

 From: "olliesedwuz@... [FairfieldLife]" <>
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 Subject: Re: [FairfieldLife] More Brain Damage!
   Exactly - that is the ugly truth about this election, that there is *no* 
equivalence between the two. 

---In, <salsunshineiniowa@...> wrote :

 This is exactly what Steve and Bhairitu don’t get. 

 It’s almost totally fiction, rumor and innuendo with nothing backing it up, 
after 25 long years of digging.

 Meanwhile, on Trump’s side, there is a YUUUUUUGE amount of wrong-doing of all 
types, most of it documented and real.

 It’s pathetic that they would draw any kind of equivalence between the two.

 Desperation, and possibly a dash of misogyny thrown in, makes strange 


On Sep 12, 2016, at 11:40 AM, authfriend@... mailto:authfriend@... 
[FairfieldLife] <> wrote:

Actually, this has been been the common wisdom, reported endlessly in the 
media, for quite some time now. 

 It's infuriating, because the reasons people tend to have for disliking 
Hillary are largely bogus, the product of the malicious, decades-long 
right-wing campaign to destroy her (and Bill).



<steve.sundur@...> wrote :

 A small distinction, which may, or may not help. 

 It's not that anyone is so much "for" Trumpster, but rather they dislike 
Hillary so much.

 That's just what I've picked up from the hinterlands.

<salsunshineiniowa@...> wrote :

 To me, it's almost unthinkable that anyone who considers themselves to have 
any basic decency, or any empathy at all for their fellow travelers on this 
planet, could ever for five seconds consider voting for an such an obviously 
unbalanced and mentally-impaired individual as Trump.  I just don't get it.


 On Sep 11, 2016, at 6:31 PM, olliesedwuz@... mailto:olliesedwuz@... 
[FairfieldLife] <> wrote:

 Weak play. I can't think of *anything* that would debilitate Hillary Clinton 
to the level of Trump's vitriol and incoherence. Trump seems to be congenitally 
both vicious and stupid, a rare combination, and one particularly unsuited for 
the presidency.  Awhile back I suggested he apply in mid-November for White 
House groundskeeper, though now as I think about it, that will seriously cut 
into his TV watching time...
<mdixon.6569@...> wrote : 


Clinton fainting at the 9/11 memorial ceremony This implies she lied about her 
health since t...





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