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 Maharaja and his wife in Japan and Thailand ~ Photos
 Dr. Tony and Velia Nader enjoy time with the gracious people of Japan. Westin 
Hotel Tokyo, Meguro, Tokyo
 Book signing with Mrs. Ikuko Kitajima, TM Teacher of Shiga Center at the 
Westin Hotel Tokyo, Meguro, Tokyo
 Dr. Yukio Hatoyama, former Prime Minister of Japan and Mrs. Miyuki Hatoyama, 
former First Lady of Japan, with
 Dr. Tony and Velia Nader.
 Dr. Nader visits with Phra Guru Mangaldharmasobhana at the Rajapark Institute 
in Bangkok. 
 Phra Guru is the abbot of Temple Prachantagram and performs Buddhist 
ceremonies and Yagya's for the Crown Prince and the King of Thailand



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