Who cares? Not much, really. It is not a tit for tat. Trump IS a national 
disgrace, and has proved it time and time again. It has quite a sting when a 
retired four star general says that about you.

There is not much that Powell can say about Clinton, as she out-performed him 
as Secretary of State. The sooner Trump goes away, though, the better.

Funny that you support Trump, who does most of his business overseas, and as 
Obama reminded everyone recently about this, "populist man of the people", 
Trump wouldn't even let you on his golf courses, much less try to get you a 

He is a con-artist, and even funnier that he turned over his medical records to 
a Muslim doctor on national TV, after he said he wouldn't. So unstable and 
immature that one, the "xenophobic sweet-potato".

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 Apparently his email got hacked. So, what did Powell say about Hillary Clinton?

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 This article shows how non-existent Trump's support is, behind the scenes of 
the Republican Party. He is going to lose big in November. 


 "...The former secretary of state, who served during George W Bush's 
administration, also called Mr Trump an "international pariah" who "is in the 
process of destroying himself". "No need for Dems to attack him," the email 

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