Yeah, it is a curious problem these days, with tech providing us with 
'super-powers', yet we still struggle to rise to the consciousness that will 
make tech less disruptive, and more supportive of solutions. 

Right now, there is kind of a giddyness globally, about each of us being 
empowered for expression, through social media and media in general. Having 
instant access to so much of the world, and being able to influence it, is not 
something we have been rigged for historically, and it is stirring up 
everything, all values, and ways of acting, interacting, and reacting, as we 
find our way through this infinitely connected world, and learn how to adjust 
to it. 

Although the media tsunami provides vastly more input to our senses, and 
questions more and more of what we experienced as a solid world previously, the 
challenge remains the same, to maintain and nurture our spiritual life in the 
face of whatever goes on around us, and do our best to adapt and thrive in this 
new world.
---In, <dhamiltony2k5@...> wrote :

 Their mundane stuff that gets trolled here aside, what do you feel about the 
spiritual agitation in the body electorate and how it seems to get manipulated 
one way or another in this post-modern age of the electron?  Just wondering.  

---In, <olliesedwuz@...> wrote :

 That was my facetious remark Doug, in response to the endless health and 
criminal fantasies that a segment of the electorate has about Hillary Clinton.
---In, <dhamiltony2k5@...> wrote :

 Trolling, not only the off topic mundane but made up too?
 mdixon.6569 writes:    “Hey, I am enjoying this game. OK, your turn again to 
make sh*t up.”

 Yahoo-Groups counsels us:
 Stay on topic — Keep your content relevant to the group and moderate it 
 Stay on topic. Although all groups are different, most groups appreciate it 
when you stay on topic. If you constantly stray from the topic the group owner 
may remove your content — or you — from the group altogether.

---In, <mdixon.6569@...> wrote :

 Hey, I am enjoying this game. OK, your turn again to make sh*t up..


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