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 I can’t help it, I’m obsessed at this point!  Your scenario sounds totally 
plausible though. 

 Sadistic, yes.  But also a coward, which is what I’m basing my guess on.

 We’ll find out in ten days.

 OK, I don't feel so bad, I am also obsessed and as much as I want to stop 
watching the news and listening to the radio and reading articles I can't and 
it is driving me crazy. I start to talk to my husband about some latest news 
regarding the election and he says he doesn't want to talk about it, he wants 
to stop thinking about it all the time but then I come home from work and he 
has CNN on while he's cooking. He can't stop either! I am thinking I will be 
having serious withdrawals once this whole crazy season is over. But in the 
meantime I look forward to any new development that undermines Trump - in fact 
I relish them. LOL

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 Good one.  Yes, I wonder that too.

 Will be watching the debates with great interest to see if the Tangerine 
Nightmare even has the guts to show up.


 You keep saying that about him showing up. If you were a betting woman it 
seems you would be 3 to 1 in favor of him being a no-show. I'm pretty sure he 
will show up. He's just sadistic enough to want to try all of his dirty tricks 
on Clinton (he gets off on it - being a troll) plus, even he realizes to fail 
to engage would be insurmountably negative for his campaign. His people will be 
clamoring for blood and Hillary's supporters are hoping he will simply reveal 
himself for what he actually is - an uninformed scumbag. There will be a huge 
percentage of the US population watching this first debate. I wouldn't want to 
be the moderator at any price. Let's just hope Trump totally loses his shit.

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 I like to imagine how the election would be going if Clinton was a man.  Or, 
if Trump was a woman.  Or, if Trump was a man.  

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 And meanwhile, we have Trump who son’t release either his tax returns or his 
health records. 

 It’s gone beyond parody.


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Nobody lied, Mike. They released the info about the pneumonia the same day. If 
it weren't for the disgusting right-wing campaign to make an issue of her 
nonexistent health problems, she might have followed doctor's orders and stayed 
home and rested rather than going to the ceremony. But she knew they'd blow 
that up into a huge thing as well, when it was a minor illness that was 
improving with antibiotics. By Sunday morning, she felt well enough to go to 
the ceremony, but with the heat and the dehydration, it was more debilitating 
than she expected. 

 She didn't lie about the emails, she didn't lie about Benghazi, and she didn't 
lie about the pneumonia.

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 Right, she wasn't just *over heated and dehydrated*, she has friggen 
pneumonia. Just another lie and cover up when her health has become an issue, 
and still is.
 Kind of like, *I didn't send or receive any classified e-mails, I turned over 
*all* of my E-mails, even though they were only about wedding plans and yoga 
 *Benghazi was caused by a video.* She's a freaking liar.

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   Guess you missed the news that she had pneumonia, huh? Not a serious case, 
but enough to make her more vulnerable to the heat (she was wearing a Kevlar 
vest) and dehydration. Dizziness is a common effect of dehydration, BTW.



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 Hey, I am enjoying this game. OK, your turn again to make sh*t up..

 How about this one. She just got a little *overheated* and dehydrated.


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   That's *actually* Trump in blackface trying to eavesdrop on the Clinton 
Campaign. The "Epi pen" contains a sedative that he administers to himself 
frequently, accounting partially for his less than stellar intellectual 

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 You know the very large black man that is frequently seen with Hillary?. He 
was show holding what looked like Epi pens in his hand in photos recently. 
Everyone thought he was Secret Service. No, he's Dr, Okunola. He specializes in 
epilepsy and other neurological disorders including Parkinson's disease.







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