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 He hasn't said, yet, that he won't show if there's a moderator, just that he 
thinks there shouldn't be one. So we'll see. 

 If he does show for the second one, moderated by Martha Raddatz of ABC, he'll 
have an especially tough time because he'll be facing two women, both of whom 
know their onions and aren't easy to intimidate.


 If you haven't done so already, these are some wise words from Bernie:


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 Isn’t he insisting on that now?  That’s one reason I’m thinking he may be a 
no-show from the first.  But I like your scenario too. 


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My guess on the debates: Assuming he does poorly in the first one, he'll blame 
the moderator, then insist that the remaining two not have a moderator. They'll 
turn him down, and he'll refuse to appear. 



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 Good one.  Yes, I wonder that too.

 Will be watching the debates with great interest to see if the Tangerine 
Nightmare even has the guts to show up.


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