Nobody took her joke seriously. And at that point, she didn't know she had 
pneumonia. Her coughing wasn't necessarily caused by the pneumonia in any case. 
She was coughing because of her allergies, and the coughing may actually have 
caused the pneumonia by allowing bacteria to get into her lungs. 



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 Obviously, she was joking, but almost everyone took it seriously because in 
fact she was not having an allergic reaction, she had walking pneumonia, not a 
joke. Apparently she was trying to cover up the fact that she was sick. 

 That's what Hillary and Bill do - they are not to be believed, most of the 
time, being typical politicians. It looks like she bungled her pneumonia 
disclosure - she probably was sick for weeks and kept it a secret.
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 It was an obvious joke, not a fib. Nobody took it seriously. 

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 Having "walking pneumonia" may explain the violent coughing fits she often 

 Apparently she's had the condition for quite some time. One thing is for sure, 
she didn't get an allergic condition from hearing Trump - that was a big fib 
and cover up. 

 Even when it would be just a simple thing to admit, she often makes stuff up 
and is not honest about it.

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 She had what's known as "walking pneumonia," a case that's so mild you aren't 
confined to bed. It isn't a serious illness. 

 And she had actually had it for a couple of weeks, although it wasn't 
diagnosed until this past Friday. So, no, it's not "the fastest recovery in 
history." She began to recover once she started taking antibiotics. She felt 
well enough to attend the 9/11 memorial, but what with the heat and 
dehydration, she had a setback that added a couple of days to her recovery. 

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 Hillary has the fastest Pneumonia recovery in history!

 Not really. Do your research.

 A person with pneumonia usually begins to improve after three to five days of 
antibiotic treatment. Improvement may be defined as feeling better or having 
fewer symptoms, such as cough and fever. Fatigue and a persistent but milder 
cough can last for one month or longer, although most people are able to resume 
their usual activities within seven days. 

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 Right, she wasn't just *over heated and dehydrated*, she has friggen 
pneumonia. Just another lie and cover up when her health has become an issue, 
and still is.
 Kind of like, *I didn't send or receive any classified e-mails, I turned over 
*all* of my E-mails, even though they were only about wedding plans and yoga 
 *Benghazi was caused by a video.* She's a freaking liar.

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   Guess you missed the news that she had pneumonia, huh? Not a serious case, 
but enough to make her more vulnerable to the heat (she was wearing a Kevlar 
vest) and dehydration. Dizziness is a common effect of dehydration, BTW.


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