As I said, Doug is the owner of FFL. "List Owner" happens to be Yahoo's own 
term for the individual responsible for a group. Look at any group "About" 
page; scroll down to the "Group Email Addresses" section. The last address is 
called "List Owner." For FFL, the address is:


 An email to this address will go to Doug.

 For The_Peak, it's:


 An email to this address will go to Jim.

 For the Self-publishing group, it's:


 (Don't know who the owner is for that group.)

 And so on. This is standard throughout Yahoo Groups.



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 On 09/17/2016 06:31 AM, authfriend@... mailto:authfriend@... [FairfieldLife] 

   Well, I was going to suggest that we not wait to be "exiled," but simply 
pick up and move over to FFL2. The ugly threatening tone of Doug's recent posts 
suggests that we don't have any voice in the matter; he's clearly not 
interested in entertaining dissent.
 Remember, Doug is the owner of FFL, and if he wants to turn it into a forum 
that Rick and those of us who have been here for years wouldn't recognize or 
find appealing, that's his prerogative. His recent post indicates that he's 
huddling with anonymous folks who have apparently never participated in FFL, so 
their concerns don't reflect ours.
 (If the name "FairfieldLife Freer Speech" is claimed to infringe on the 
"FairfieldLife" brand name so as to preclude our using that forum for 
discussions that don't conform to Doug's ideas about isolating spirituality 
from the rest of human experience, I'm sure Alex would be willing to change the 

 More likely Yahoo is the owner not Doug.  It's probably in the terms of 
service.  Doug would just be considered "responsible" for it.  It's a "rights" 
issue and often part of these kinds of services.  Or basically attorneys on 
steroids creations.
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<authfriend@...> mailto:authfriend@... wro! te :
 Most of us who are discussing politics are not "trolling," and it's insulting 
to suggest otherwise. 
 Political discussions are "without spiritual context" only if you put 
spirituality in a box and wall it off from the rest of human experience. Rick 
realized this, and chose not to build such walls. That's why he didn't limit 
discussion topics in any way (other than to exclude pornography).
 It looks like we (the non-spiritual cretins that we are) may be exiled off to 
FFL-2 if this keeps up...
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 I am appreciating the comments here about the group.  
 The trolling of mundane subject threads here posted and! scrolling ticker-tape 
style down the subject line with first lines of posts like one can read on news 
feeds most anywhere, but on FFL, a spiritual Yahoo-group, they often do seem to 
abuse the freedom of what Yahoo provides us as a group. .  
 While being entertained by most any and all of content posted here on FF yet 
as a responsible member here I am looking at several who have long method in 
trolling the site with offered material that is quite without spiritual 
context, evidently unrelated to FFL, a spiritual Yahoo-group.  Yahoo asks us 
for moderation.  I have relied on membership to self-contain themselves in a 
moderation according to an inherent civility entailed the Yahoo-groups 
guidelines as the means of community here. Most have been able to write quite 
well within what is given to us as the Yahoo-groups guidelines.  Those 
guidelines do provide really quite wide margins for expression.. Yahoo Groups 
 Yahoo Groups Guidelines Yahoo Groups helps you connect with groups of people 
who share your interests and passions. We depend on each member to help keep it 
a safe, fun, and positive place for everyone.

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