Top-posting is probably best and snip any extraneous text - try to avoid 
scrolling and redundancies. For serious discussion members, the best way to 
participate in an online discussion is to use a dedicated news reader that 
displays sorted plain text files. 

 Try to avoid using formatted text in large red or blue colors - usually that's 
considered a form of flaming and blue should always be reserved for hyper-text 

 In internet lingo, calling someone a "troll" indicated disagreement or someone 
you don't agree with. The use of the term "tex" often indicates prejudice.

---In, <salsunshineiniowa@...> wrote :

 I’m still waiting for the English translation, take this for example: 

 The trolling of mundane subject threads here posted and scrolling ticker-tape 
style down the subject line with first lines of posts like one can read on news 
feeds most anywhere, but on FFL, a spiritual Yahoo-group, they often do seem to 
abuse the freedom of what Yahoo provides us as a group. .  

 Does “scrolling ticker-tape style” refer to the fact that comments and 
responses are put up at the top?  And if so, isn’t that where they’re supposed 
to be?  I always thought that was internet etiquette, so to speak.

 I usually need some kind of translation program for Doug-speak but there are 
those times, like this, when the program crashes.

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