Here’s another good article on why everyone should detest the “sewer rat,” as 
Robert Reich calls him.

There honestly seems to be no bottom.  The Republican Party now has as its 
standard-bearer someone who is officially insane, no question about it.

How can they even show their faces?


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Thanks, but Forbes wouldn’t let me get to it because of my ad blocker, even 
after I turned it off for the site.


Not to worry, I'll post something juicier for you later... ;-)

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I thought you might like this given we both love to hate the guy.

An Open Letter To Donald Trump Regarding His Fondness For Vladimir Putin 
An Open Letter To Donald Trump Regarding His Fond... 
You should not overestimate Putin. He has played a weak hand of cards generally 
well, but he has made enormous mistakes. He reckoned that...
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I'm pretty sure Trump is incapable of grasping any of this:

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