WINTERSUN - Time (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO) Official lyric video for WINTERSUN 
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 Jarryd Mahabir 
kuukausi sitten
 Everything is so perfect, honestly I thought they would've been a generic 
metal band, that gives up their musicianship for being more technical. But it 
takes true artists to put their emotions in this song. Probably the best song I 
ever heard´╗┐

 Vastaa 9   

 SinisterSkip kuukausi sitten 
 Honestly I feel like Wintersun is the EPITOMY of 'epic metal'. The 
musicianship, mix, master, writing, production and instrumental skills are all 
endgame. When you listen to a Wintersun song, you know there's gonna be 
technical nerdism but instead of diverting attention from the song, it always 
makes the song better. Instead of stealing the attention, 


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