My suggestion: just get out period.  


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22 Sept.  
2:21pm on the 22nd is coming! 
The Equinox is upon us!  
Those of us who are farmers certainly don’t need no astrologer to tell us we 
are now heading deep into the dark time of the year.  
Already you can feel it. 
A type of chill, lower attitude, and more darkness outside. It is coming.    

My suggestion? Get out the Farmer's Almanac and forget all this mumbo jumbo.  

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Well, and someone, an astrologer, is saying: is all going to get worse for 
we are not even to the crucial turning point yet. The rest of this year will 
intensify with an event of great magnitude at the end of this year on New Years 
As transiting Saturn goes into Sagittarius it will hover in the last degrees of 
Scorpio and early Sagittarius. These are the ghandanta degrees (last degree of 
water and first degree of Fire). Ghandanta means drowning indicating the world 
will be out of control. As Saturn is in the last degrees of Scorpio this is the 
worst most dreadful part of the zodiac for it is in the tail of the Scorpion 
(stinger). This may even indicate poisoning associated with tragic events. 
Saturn will stay here for almost all of 2017 indicating a deep depression. I 
believe this is the result of the massive violent events leading up to this 

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