Om, the astronomy and the Farmer’s Almanac aside, how does astrology see the 
equinox affecting people’s jyotish charts?  
 Just curious. 
 Anybody here know?




 Bhairitu writes...
..Why would Mars in Scorpio, a sign it rules cause problems?

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 My suggestion: just get out period.   



 back_formore writes:

 My suggestion? Get out the Farmer's Almanac and forget all this mumbo jumbo.

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 22 Sept.  

 2:21pm on the 22nd is coming! 
 The Equinox is upon us!  
 Those of us who are farmers certainly don’t need no astrologer to tell us we 
are now heading deep into the dark time of the year.  
 Already you can feel it. 
 A type of chill, lower attitude, and more darkness outside. It is coming.      


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 Well, and someone, an astrologer, is saying: is all going to get worse 
for we are not even to the crucial turning point yet. The rest of this year 
will intensify with an event of great magnitude at the end of this year on New 
Years Eve.
 As transiting Saturn goes into Sagittarius it will hover in the last degrees 
of Scorpio and early Sagittarius. These are the ghandanta degrees (last degree 
of water and first degree of Fire). Ghandanta means drowning indicating the 
world will be out of control. As Saturn is in the last degrees of Scorpio this 
is the worst most dreadful part of the zodiac for it is in the tail of the 
Scorpion (stinger). This may even indicate poisoning associated with tragic 
events. Saturn will stay here for almost all of 2017 indicating a deep 
depression. I believe this is the result of the massive violent events leading 
up to this year.


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 Today: Sept 17  Mars Exits Scorpio,  evidently the most difficult period passes

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 Today is another one of those days! ..
 Around September 13 (the 12th?) it will be treacherous and very violent again 
due to transiting Saturn’s return to the degree of the fixed star Antares.



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 The 'non-compete' clauses. 

 A sad irony in this thread which has been sore effect for the community here 
is that these recognized experts and a lot of jyotish experts who have come out 
of the old ™ community with their early training in Maharishi jyotish are 
technically disbarred, disenfranchised by guideline, from membership 
participation in our ™ community group meditations. 
 The Maharishi Foundation ™.org National standards for participation as they 
stand now specifically exclude people who ‘promote’ other systems of jyotish, 
excluding from the Dome meditations here and other sponsored ™ group 
meditations. 'Other systems' as in non-Maharishi jyotish.  

 This has been applied to old ™’ers for quite a number of years. For some 
number of years the patronizing ($) non-Maharishi jyotish/yagya was certain 
grounds for exclusion from the Dome meditations and used to exclude practicing 
meditators from membership in the group. Meditators are now free to ‘consult’ 
with non-maharishi jyotishi but the exclusion still stands over ‘promoting’ in 
practice jyotish using other systems deemed non-Maharishi jyotish astrology. 

 A conservative or fanatical business mind that is welded with strong emotional 
(fanatical) belief inside about the exclusivity of all ™ teachers are thinking 
that all old, de-certs, re-certs and new ™ teachers are sales representatives 
of all that is now ™ and hence are strictly liable to business non-compete 
constraints through the movement right to administratively denying membership 
using the validation of Dome badges for inclusion in the communal group 
practice of meditation as a preferred means of sales-force discipline.  

 In effect what could be adjudicated by a human resources department or a legal 
department more narrowly with employees they instead have used the group 
meditation as the retributive means (weapon) of disciplining others to their 
sense of fealty. Employing the use of the group practice of meditation as their 
primary tool of discipline over membership has been incredibly corrosive in 
their bold leading of a decades long decline in a metric of what was a larger 
group.  It is still a fundamental problem within the group.


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 To be fair, it can be more than coffeehouse ‘chat’, quite a number of people 
from Fairfield, Iowa have been trained in and are quite long experienced and 
accomplished in jyotish astrology and now a number of top jyotish astrologers 
in the West are of what is the old meditating community of Fairfield.  

 Pat Hayward, for instance, is regarded as an astrologer and has been consulted 
by many many people both here in Fairfield and of the world.  He became 
established in this craft while living in Fairfield, Iowa as a recognized 
member of the meditating community here.

 Two others who are recognized as being highly scholarly within astrology, 
David Hawthorne and Penny Farrow, also cut their teeth as recognized 
consultants are themselves of the old meditating community in Fairfield, Iowa. 
 David Hawthorne:
 Penny Farrow:
 These three stand out as examples as there are also others quietly living here 
having been students of Maharishi jyotish and as time has gone along also 
studying with these three and other top astrologers and systems in the field. 
Fairfield is an adept community this way.  

 I was recently visiting a substantial Indo-American cultural center [temple] 
out East and read on one of their bulletin boards of an upcoming series of 
scholarly classes being taught there on jyotish by Penny Farrow. 

  As time has gone along these people are being pulled on for both their 
academic and practical experience with astrology. 
 There is a lot of this resource available in the meditating community of 
Fairfield, Iowa.  It is quite easy to find consultation on it, even in the 
coffee houses of the town. It becomes just like asking about the weather,  “How 
much rain did you get last night and what have you heard is the forecast?”  
“What’s going on with the moon and planets this week?”   Fairfield,  


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 I will have to take your word for it, as I have seen no such evidence 
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 Actually, evidently people who are really good at it have a facility with it 
that is like a siddhi.  With a lot of experience with it study of it becomes 
something intuitive.  It is like a way [modality] of thinking, like some people 
are really good at mathematics or open to physics.  

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 Yep, a good perspective to have, though I think modern life and technology has 
rendered any forecasting ability of jyotish or Western astrology, impractical. 
Using common sense and intuition, we get it right more often than not. And if 
not, better next time around. PS No problems discussing or communicating 
anything today...
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 Putting skepticism aside it seems way more interesting to entertain these 
ideas of jyotish.  While more strictly experienced as a conservative 
transcendental meditationist who is not as interested in all the ‘add-ons’ of 
Maharishi’s teachings I do feel open to the consideration that jyotish 
astrology could describe an astrophysics of vibrational influence of the 
heavenly bodies on subtle systems of the human being. From that viewpoint we be 
talking of spirituality and then the possible ability to influence and even 
cultivate well-being around the motions of the planets and such.  There are 
stranger things in Heaven and Earth.  Are there no tides? -JaiGuruYou

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 I was going to point out much of what olliesewuz has written below, but given 
what he has written, I can be brief:

Regardless of what one thinks of jyotish/MMY, or (God help us), ideas arising 
from a Fairfield coffee house discussion group, your message below is contrary 
to MMY's guidelines regarding the "right use" (MMY's words) of jyotish.  

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 Thanks, but your post just now, at close to the speed of light, spread 
globally and instantaneously, confirms, "Havoc in Communication"?? By focusing 
on the objective, whatever it is, any environmental influences are minimized, 
so if there is an issue, isn't it with the doer? Maharishi declared 1978 as the 
year of invincibility, our unshakable nature. Though a sensitivity to all areas 
of life is a good thing, to predict difficulties as a result of the stars is a 
waste of time. Great coffeehouse chat, but nothing to take seriously.
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 Today, Aug 30 Mercury retrograde in Virgo  =Havoc in Communication 
 So says the coffee house Fairfield jyotish satsang.
 Would be a difficult day to substantially engage others
 or begin things, 
 however; a good day to stay in meditation.



---In, <dhamiltony2k5@...> wrote :

 In correlation of good things.. 

 Fairfield, Iowa Meditators start very early everyday with their spiritual 

 Also, the Dome doors open for the collective meditation at 7am. 


---In, <olliesedwuz@...> wrote :

 Haven't noticed anything different through this period, except that I have 
been a little more successful than usual in my day to day. A couple of friends 
have had unusually positive events occur during this time. Everyone seems 
perfectly friendly and happy. No undue stress or tension. Perhaps the 
astrologers got it wrong. :-)
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 Today, Aug 26 Jupiter Venus Mercury in Virgo. It is said to be a particularly 
good day to meditate, a Saraswati Yoga.. 
 Om Ayim Srim Hrim Saraswati Devyai Namah 

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 Fabulous drama unfolding in the sky..
 Clear sky last night in Fairfield, Iowa. Before the moon rose one could see it 
 with naked eye and even clearer with binoculars.

 Mars is approaching Antares in Scorpio ! One can see it ! 

 Google’s free app, Sky Map on a smartphone can get you oriented for the show.

 Aug 24 Saturn and Mars @ 15degrees of Scorpio, Transit characterized by ANGER. 
There is a star in Scorpio that is the war star in combination with Mars etc.. 
makes it all particularly difficult.  

 August 23-26 will be extremely violent with Mars transiting the fixed star 

 Aug 30 Mercury retrograde in Virgo  =Havoc in Communication
Sept 1st Solar Eclipse

 Around September 13 (the 12th?) it will be treacherous and very violent again 
due to transiting Saturn’s return to the degree of the fixed star Antares.

 As Jr points out,
 the good news is that.. Sept 17  Mars Exits Scorpio,  the most difficult 
period passes


---In, <dhamiltony2k5@...> wrote :

 I agree.  I am not worried so much about this jyotish line of thinking.  But 
just as a transcendentalist knowing the transformational spiritual possibility 
and just looking at the level of spiritual commotion in the world it is breath 
taking at times  
 That these planets are conjoined may be coincident to the turbulence of these 
postmodern times.  I am enjoying watching the planetary play out on my 
smartphone free app from Google, Sky Map.  What I was interested to learn was 
just what the jyotish people are all wonked out on and compelled by.    

---In, <olliesedwuz@...> wrote :

 Thank you, but I also have to wonder if similar planetary combinations have 
happened in the past? If they have, I haven't noticed any time in my life where 
events were actually insurmountable, or that I felt the need to spontaneously 
act in a certain way, to counteract a heavenly alignment I had no idea existed 
at the time. 

I do find some remarkable trends in the general area of people's personalities, 
including mine, correlated to birth time, day, month, and year. As far as a 
predictive tool, though, who needs it? How does it avoid or prevent or modify 
or enhance, just making one's way through life? Isn't that rich and complex 
enough as it is? :-) 

Intuition and flexibility can go a long way towards an easier way in life, 
without adding this extra layer of concern.

what's up wid' Jyotish? 

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 In sequence:

 Aug 18th Lunar Eclipse

 Aug 24 Saturn and Mars @ 15degrees of Scorpio, Transit characterized by ANGER. 
There is a star in Scorpio that is the war star in combination with Mars etc.. 
makes it all particularly difficult. 

 Aug 26 Jupiter Venus Mercury in Virgo  ( Saraswati yoga, good to be meditating)

 Aug 30 Mercury retrograde in Virgo  =Havoc in Communication

 Sept 1st Solar Eclipse

 Sept 17  Mars Exits Scorpio,  the most difficult period passes 



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 Yes, the Sept 1 Solar eclipse too.  In combination with the coming Aug 30th 
Havoc in Communication difficulty of Merc being retrograde in Scorpio, we 
should think about shutting FFL down for those days to avert adding anymore to 
what might be the larger disturbing chaos in communication of that time frame?  
This morning downtown I shared this jyotish sequence with someone and it was 
directly suggested we close FFL.  
 ..Of course some out there feel there is always a negative havoc in 
communication being perpetrated all the time on FFL that should be shut down.  
However, I am feeling the Yahoo-groups guidelines are sufficiently invincible 
enough to protect us all from Mercury in retrograde at that time.  FFL, as it 
so often has seen the Meditating community through in difficult times might 
just be one of the few places to get reliable spiritual information on those 
days. -JaiGuruYou    


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 yoohoo, don't forget the solar eclipse on Sept 1...

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