LOL So many independent thinkers on the Trump side, eh? The GOP twisting 
themselves into circus-worthy contortions to support Trump, while keeping every 
option open. Or the evangelicals, who know this guy supports not one of their 
radical ideas, including banning abortion, never attends church, and changes 
wives as often as he changes automobiles, and yet, supposedly upholding their 
Christian principles and strong Christian values, and drawing a line in the 
sand for the so called moral decency in this country, they line up behind Trump 
like he is Jesus Himself. What a joke. What complete hypocrites, and sheep.
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 NO.... the ghetto is still supporting Clinton. They do as they're told.

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   The problem is that people who are planning to vote for Trump do not read, 
period.  They probably never leaned how.


On Sep 19, 2016, at 9:21 AM, feste37 <> wrote:

The problem is that people who are planning to vote for Trump do not read 
articles such as these. The New York Times and the Washington Post have done an 
excellent job in exposing Trump for who he is—their columnists have produced 
hundreds of articles denouncing him, day after day, week after week, a nonstop 
assault since he became a serious contender for the presidency. But it has had 
zero effect. How many Trump supporters read the Times or the Post? Five? Ten? 

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<olliesedwuz@...> wrote :

 Well written, and factual.

 Very much worth the read. I know/realize all this and more - the man is a 
complete menace to all decency and what we hold dear in this country, in our 
lives. What is maddening is when you get these idiot radicals blowing up things 
in the US or abroad and it becomes instant fodder for Trump to spew more of his 
"I told you so" and "Only I can keep you safe from the Muslim threat". This is 
not good timing and I curse these terrorist imbeciles every time they do 
something because it only furthers Trumps rhetoric in the eyes of the gullible, 
shallow-thinking supporters he seems to draw to himself.


 See, already this is happening. A no-brainer to predict.




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