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 This is just a quick reminder that the IdeaLife Assembly campus  is  fully 
functioning and rapidly growing,

 2-room suites from only $385 per month (shared kitchen). That includes all 
utilities, high-speed internet, and your assembly fees.


 Standalone 2-bedroom cottages at $440/month plus utilities:


 Private two-bedroom cottages for long term comfort 

 and convenience.

 Floor plans:





 Open to Meditators, Sidhas, and Governors. 


 Home http://www.idealifeassembly.com/home.html

 Home http://www.idealifeassembly.com/home.html "It has been a real pleasure to 
welcome the bright and friendly course participants to the IdeaLife Assembly 
campus, from around the country and the world.

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 visit our website at: 
www.idealifeassembly.com http://www.idealifeassembly.com/ 


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