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I don't know about the rest of you but I am very nervous to watch the first 

(Raising hand)  I also feel that no matter how prepared Hillary is (and she 
will be beautifully prepared), the media will find a way to let him “win.”  The 
bar is set so low, that if he even barely tries to answer the questions, he’ll 
look “presidential.”  If he doesn’t try, they’ll present him as some fun-loving 
oaf you would want to have a beer with.  Heads, Trump wins; tails, Hillary 

 While I am confident Hillary will be prepared and battle ready I know how hard 
it is to try and compete with a total and utterly annoying troll in the name of 
common sense and real dialogue. 

Robert Reich had an excellent idea:  after she’s finished laying out some 
policy proposal, turn to Trump and ask what his ideas are.  That would be at 
least one way to expose how utterly bankrupt (npi) his “ideas” are. Chances are 
pretty good he’ll go off on some ludicrous tangent that has nothing to do with 
anything.  While that may not sway his most hard-core supporters, there’s still 
plenty of swing voters out there.

I can only hope that the moderator will do his job and that Trump will simply 
come off looking like the oafish and clueless boor he is. I still may have to 
watch it after the fact, once I know Hillary has wiped the floor with him (God 
willing), but I may be able to tune it in at different moments live (for short 
spurts) out of sheer curiosity. Like watching a horror show through your 
splayed fingers. But on a bright note:
There’s really only one way Hillary could lose this debate IMO, and that’s if 
she pulls a Gore and tried to play down her own massive intelligence and 
experience in an attempt  to make Trump look smarter than he is.   Why anyone 
would do that is of course the big question, which I’m sure still leaves 
psychologists scratching their heads about Gore and his first debate to this 

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