Well put. 

 It may also be a good idea to remind folks that there's no official winner or 
loser in these debates! (No, you didn't suggest that, but people often talk as 
if there were.) The MSM is pretty uniformly against Trump (Faux News aside), 
and I worry that they'll lean over backward after the debate to compensate for 
their bias and be "fair" to Trump. But they ain't fond of Hillary either, so 
goodness only knows how that'll work out.



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 The Bush-Gore comparison is very apt. If you read the transcripts of those 
debates, it's obvious that Gore won. Bush didn't know anything. But people 
thought Bush "won" because he came across as a regular guy. Which of course is 

I won't watch the debate live. It's a bit like an upcoming soccer match in 
which you desperately want your team to win but fear they won't. It's better 
not to watch. Trump is extremely skilled at articulating what many ordinary 
people think regarding everything from terrorism to government corruption, 
whereas Hillary is highly skilled at using carefully nuanced political language 
that can sometimes sound opaque. I suspect that like Bush, Trump will lose the 
debate by any normal standards but perhaps a sizeable number of people will 
think he won it. 

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 There’s really only one way Hillary could lose this debate IMO, and that’s if 
she pulls a Gore and tried to play down her own massive intelligence and 
experience in an attempt  to make Trump look smarter than he is.   Why anyone 
would do that is of course the big question, which I’m sure still leaves 
psychologists scratching their heads about Gore and his first debate to this 

Gore wasn't so much trying to make Bush look smarter. Gore had been brutally 
mocked for being too wonkish and was portrayed as stiff and boring, and he was 
attempting to counter that image. 


 Hillary actually has a similar problem. She needs to come across as human and 
charming as well as intelligent and experienced. Not fair, but that's the way 
it is.

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