That’s not quite how I remember it.  Sure Gore’s supposed stiffness was an 
issue, but there could have been all sorts of ways to dispense with that some 
of which he had already done.  For the debates Gore chose just about the worst 
thing he could do, looking like he was cozying up to Bush and agreeing with him 
more than disagreeing, which had the net effect of making Bush look “smart” or 
at least smarter than he was.  Here’s a couple of excerpts from Michael Moore’s 
book Stupid White Men that expresses it better than I can:

Privately, I think most people in the Nader  camp thought what I thought-that 
once Gore had a chance to wipe the floor with Bush in a debate, the election 
would be over. So we figured, let's get out millions of votes for Nader to show 
the next President--Al Gore-that there's a large number of Americans who don't 
want him pushing the Democratic Party further to the right. A strong vote for 
Nader might be a way to check Gore and his promise to do things like spend more 
on the military and less on jobs.

Yeah, we were real geniuses.

Then came the debates. Ralph was shut out of them, which left America with 
three ninety-minute shows in which Gore and Bush agreed with each other more 
than they disagreed. In the second debate, the two of them said they agreed 
with each other on thirty-seven different issues. It was stunning to watch.

Gore had blown it. He had failed to unmask Bush's ignorance and stupidity. He 
had failed to set himself apart and show the nation there was a real difference 
on the ballot. He had three chances to nuke that smirking son of a Bush, and he 
couldn't do it! Message to the country: If this is how he caves with Junior, 
what will happen when he gets in a room with the Russians? Or the Canadians!

I was shocked by the implications. It was starting to look as if Gore would 
lose. He was going to lose his home state. He was going to lose Clinton's home 
state. He couldn't convince the Democratic dean of the Senate, Robert Byrd of 
West Virginia, to endorse him until five days before the election (thus 
sacrificing West Virginia, a traditional Democratic stronghold, to Bush). Any 
one of these states would have given Gore all the electoral votes he would need 
to win the White House.
And the money shot: Then Al Gore failed to win the third and final debate with 
George W. Bush. Now where I come from, the smart guy wins in a debate; the dumb 
guy loses. It really is that simple. But not this time. I couldn't believe my 
eyes. It was clear that Al Gore was doing everything he could to lose the 

That was exactly my feeling too:  it looked like he wanted to lose, and I 
couldn’t quite believe what I was seeing either.  It was almost like he was in 
some sort of trance. If Hillary attempts anything like that, I believe all is 
lost.  But hopefully she won’t.  Hopefully she’ll dispense with any and all 
doubts bout whatever by being the best Democratic candidate she can be, not by 
trying to do everything she can to lose.   We’ll find out soon.


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<salsunshineiniowa@...> wrote :

There’s really only one way Hillary could lose this debate IMO, and that’s if 
she pulls a Gore and tried to play down her own massive intelligence and 
experience in an attempt  to make Trump look smarter than he is.   Why anyone 
would do that is of course the big question, which I’m sure still leaves 
psychologists scratching their heads about Gore and his first debate to this 

Gore wasn't so much trying to make Bush look smarter. Gore had been brutally 
mocked for being too wonkish and was portrayed as stiff and boring, and he was 
attempting to counter that image.

Hillary actually has a similar problem. She needs to come across as human and 
charming as well as intelligent and experienced. Not fair, but that's the way 
it is.

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