I would bet on a global recession regardless of who is in office. Band-aids could only keep the fraudulent global banking system running for so long. Who is in office could make the landing a little softer but I don't see the current two goons capable of it.

On 09/22/2016 10:59 AM, feste37 wrote:

The New Yorker this week has a long article about what to expect from a Trump presidency. It's isn't pretty. Global recession within eighteen months, among other things.

It's impossible to believe that all the 35-40 million or more people who plan to vote for Trump are unaware of all his faults, but I think what's operating is the "He may be a bastard but he's OUR bastard" mentality. Which is why Trump can say pretty much anything he likes and get away with it. I think we will see this in the debates. The chances of Hillary making a blunder are very slight, since she is very smart and experienced, but it is likely that Trump will make many—and they won't make any difference at all. They won't even be perceived as blunders.

It seems to me that America is too collectively stupid to repudiate Trump, and the implications of that are very disturbing. How did it ever come to this?

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I HOPE most have woken up. But I keep hearing some of the same verbiage I did when Dubya ran, ie “Don’t worry if he’s not too bright, he’ll surround himself with much smarter people and we’ll be ok.” And we all know how that worked out.

Some people refuse to wake up.


On Sep 22, 2016, at 11:10 AM, olliesedwuz@... <mailto:olliesedwuz@...> [FairfieldLife] <FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com <mailto:FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com>> wrote:

Might as well relax now, since Trump is nowhere near winning this thing. He also has no power, except to set greens fees on his golf courses, and send minions out for more fast food. Once you get the hang of it, he is an easy one to ignore. His agenda has nothing to do with me or anything I care about. He is selfish, stupid and mean. Not a very evolved human being, a relic from the dark ages, looking to the past for support and fearful of the future. The only direction Trump leads anyone including himself, is straight down. Glad he won't be leading anything, except the contest for most ludicrous and inappropriate presidential candidate, ever.

Maybe if GW had not yet served and run the country into the ground for many of the same reasons Trump would; arrogance, ignorance, emotional immaturity, using the office to settle personal scores, surrounding himself with those who play him like a hand puppet, the American voters would be taken in by this empty braggart. But since then, most woke up to the fact that these are demagogues out for their own childish ends, with nothing to offer except misery and confusion. Bush paints dogs now, and Trump watches TV endlessly. Perfect. Keep at it.

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I watch these poll averages closely, and noticed something different recently. Until this last closing period between Clinton and Trump, when this happened in the past, there was a brief period where Trump's poll average topped Clinton's for just a few days. See the graph underneath the poll numbers on the RCP site. This time around, it didn't happen, and she continues now to pull away from Trump, again. This has never been a close race, and is now clearly widening in favor of Hillary, led ironically by the GOP establishment, against Trump.


I completely agree with you and have felt so for a while. The press needs this to look close. It is not and come election day we will all be vindicated and poor Feste and all the others (me included) who live in a kind of fear and anxiety about this thing will finally be able to relax.

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