Based on atmospheric tests done by Curiosity, Mars experienced atomic blasts in 
its past, thus indicating it had advanced beings who were able to make these 

 Also, the scientist on the video stated that it's been scientifically proven 
that the electron can go forward and backward in time.  Thus, the human brain 
can experience  these time modulations through visions and dreams which are 
recorded in ancient texts like the Bible or the Shrimad Bhagavatam.  Similarly, 
it is possible for some human beings today to experience these messages from 
the past and the future in their own brains.

 New Evidence of Mars Advanced Civilization 2016 
 New Evidence of Mars Advanced Civilization 2016 Ancient Earth civilizations 
routinely mention Mars in their folklore and legends and some like the Maya 
even charted the planets movement in their books (cod...
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