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 Hopefully.  But you know that our upstanding, law-abiding Repug candidate has 
also indicated his followers may try to incite violence if he doesn’t win. 

 I'll take violence by disgruntled Trump losers any day over Trump actually 
being Prez. I think a lot of his fans are violent at the best of times anyway.

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 I watch these poll averages closely, and noticed something different recently. 
Until this last closing period between Clinton and Trump, when this happened in 
the past, there was a brief period where Trump's poll average topped Clinton's 
for just a few days. See the graph underneath the poll numbers on the RCP site. 
This time around, it didn't happen, and she continues now to pull away from 
Trump, again. This has never been a close race, and is now clearly widening in 
favor of Hillary, led ironically by the GOP establishment, against Trump. 


 I completely agree with you and have felt so for a while. The press needs this 
to look close. It is not and come election day we will all be vindicated and 
poor Feste and all the others (me included) who live in a kind of fear and 
anxiety about this thing will finally be able to relax.


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