Thanks Share, 
 I have heard of the place in TN., it is nice to have the referral from someone 
who has been there. 
Occasionally some have troubles that are energetic in the kundalini category 
that can be debilitating. There are people around more locally who may be 
helpful too.  Comprehensive remedy evidently can go beyond what is in the 
checking notes for meditation.

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 When I was at the PKYC TN center in July 2009, Joan shared that they have a 
96% success rate.

 If I had been reporting what she said, I think I would have used the term 
"bragged" or perhaps "claimed" rather than "shared."



 Indeed, at the end of the first week of a 2-week retreat, my own kundalini 
went from being a deflected one, to becoming established in sushumna and rising 
all the way to makara. I am so grateful for the knowledge and expertise that 
PKYC offer and recommend it highly to anyone who is feeling stuck on their 
spiritual path. 


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 Thx....covered extensively by Joan Harrigan of Kundalini Care.  Her book 
covers various types of kundalini risings, including those which are exemplary 
and rare in history (such as in the probable case of St. Paul); and also 
partial and deflected risings and their outcomes.  Remedial measures may 
require participation in her counseling sessions at her TN center.
 My take: there's no magical technique that will in any predictable time 
period, that will result in a favorable type of kundalini rising and opening of 
the third eye (what she calls the upper third eye or Makara point).



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