His sentence was so far out there into LALA land, I just figured he experienced 
some internal "button being pushed," (whatever that means for him), and that it 
sent him into fantasy again.  I have no idea what he is talking about!  

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 We are getting a chance to see how supposed "liberals" who should be about 
personal freedom become rigid rule imposing Stalinists.




 I was wondering why the French revolutionaries wound up guillotining their 
supporters.  These people give liberals a bad name.

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   Please Emily. I'm not voting for Trump. I'm voting against Hillary. She is 
totally unacceptable, not simply because she's a liar and a crook and 
untrustworthy, most politicians are to some degree, but because of the policies 
she advocates. I will never accept the open borders she advocates or the 
bringing of a half million ,nearly un-vetted, Syrian refugees to resettle here.
 I didn't support one Republican with these views nor will I support any 
Democrat with the same.
 Dailykos, Saloon.com, New York Times etc, please. These are all mouth pieces 
for the Democratic party, like Pravda was the Communist Party mouth piece.

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 I've had it and so, evidently, has this writer. It is getting down to the wire 
and I see this kind of thing all over the place all of a sudden. People have 
simply had enough.



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