Michael Moore says Trump won the debate: “Pro-Hillary gloaters doing end-zone 
dance again when still on 50-yd line,” Moore tweeted. “You must get it in your 
head Trump is gonna win and act accordingly!”
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 I was asleep before 9pm, and I slept a solid 6 hours. Usually, if I want to 
sleep more than 5 hours, I have to take a Lorazepam. But, I did my civic duty 
this morning and watched an edited video containing the most salient points.

https://youtu.be/_wd_ZITiiKs https://youtu.be/_wd_ZITiiKs

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 I did it!!! I watched it in real time. It took a strong Mojito and a glass of 
wine but I watched it to the end. I think the only reason I could keep watching 
was because it was evident that Hillary was under complete control. As I 
watched her I saw her being able to think ahead to the next debate as she 
watched her opponent stumble bumble his way and she was already figuring out 
how to deal with him and his terrible lack of preparation going forward. He was 
a pushover - confused, blathering on off-topic and I wouldn't be surprised if 
his incessant sniffling is indicative of heavy cocaine use before the debate or 
impending cancer of his nasal cavity. I personally think he has a deadly 
disease for sure. LOL

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 If this had been a football game, the score would've been 50 Hillary, to 0 
Trump . Trump had an incredibly bad night, couldn't keep his thoughts or agenda 
straight - ended up agreeing with Clinton several times out of desperation. 
Mixed up every stat he tried to quote. Donnie was a real dummy tonight. Clinton 
on the other hand came across as straight forward, factual, well prepared, and 
the only adult at either podium. The second and third debates oughta be a 
cakewalk for Hillary. This one sure was. 


 Any attacks Donnie attempted melted away quickly under his relentless laziness 
and narcissism - tired slogans and falsehoods from a hundred campaign stops, 
never reality tested, and transparently empty and deceptive. Trump even got 
caught in some big lies, and couldn't muster anything except weak denials. His 
response to his being the only major candidate in 40 years not to release his 
tax returns gave Clinton a field day, and more incoherent denials from 
Spray-Tan. That was the main impression, that Trump was outgunned, outfoxed, 
and outplayed. He will probably be tweeting up a storm over it all, reinforcing 
tonight's impression that this man is in no way qualified to lead the nation. 
Trump got stumped - twice more, and he gets dumped. :-)




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