I hope you're right. I find myself full of admiration for Hillary Clinton for 
her performance last night. However, Nate Silver at 538 gives her a 55.5% 
chance of winning the election, with Trump at 44.5%. (That's from before last 
night.) That's way too close for comfort, and I doubt whether the debate will 
alter it much. I still think Trump will win, but hope to be wrong. 

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 You can't be serious. This time around the press has no choice but to award 
the (substantial) win to Clinton, reporting it widely, and the undecided voters 
are swinging in Hillary's direction. There is a hardcore 30% of the electorate 
who will back Trump, regardless. The rest are moving towards Clinton. It is a 
rout from here on in. 

Some are saying Trump will duck the remaining two debates. That would be a wise 
thing to do, as every unlikable, petty, thoughtless, untrustworthy trait on 
display last night, will show up again, only worse, because he will only repeat 
himself. As substantial as tissue paper, that one.
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 You are right, of course, but now watch Trump continue to inch up in the 

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 If this had been a football game, the score would've been 50 Hillary, to 0 
Trump . Trump had an incredibly bad night, couldn't keep his thoughts or agenda 
straight - ended up agreeing with Clinton several times out of desperation. 
Mixed up every stat he tried to quote. Donnie was a real dummy tonight. Clinton 
on the other hand came across as straight forward, factual, well prepared, and 
the only adult at either podium. The second and third debates oughta be a 
cakewalk for Hillary. This one sure was. 


 Any attacks Donnie attempted melted away quickly under his relentless laziness 
and narcissism - tired slogans and falsehoods from a hundred campaign stops, 
never reality tested, and transparently empty and deceptive. Trump even got 
caught in some big lies, and couldn't muster anything except weak denials. His 
response to his being the only major candidate in 40 years not to release his 
tax returns gave Clinton a field day, and more incoherent denials from 
Spray-Tan. That was the main impression, that Trump was outgunned, outfoxed, 
and outplayed. He will probably be tweeting up a storm over it all, reinforcing 
tonight's impression that this man is in no way qualified to lead the nation. 
Trump got stumped - twice more, and he gets dumped. :-)

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