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 I don't define a "successful" business by its profit margin, that is true.  A 
business built through exploitation is not my idea of something to point at as 
a "success." Your harping on the idea that "Trump is a good businessman" 
because he's made "billions" and therefore would be a good president is 
ridiculous, given what we know of his business history.  

 So, how do you define the success of a business? 

 I am not a business owner.  I haven't studied all the metrics one looks at.  
"Success" is a subjective term.  You define it by one criteria - the one Donald 
tells you to.  What, really, do you know about any of his businesses, how they 
operate, etc.?  

 Personally, I have nothing against making money or a profitable business, but 
to me, the word "success" encompasses far more than just the bottom line on a 
spreadsheet.  For example, how that profit was generated would be important to 
me, yes.  And, how that profit benefits employees in the company, communities, 
social justice issues, etc. would be important to me.  


 My point is that you are ignoring the large and documented and exploitive and 
ethically questionable business practices of Trump and simply believing and 
regurgitating what he is telling you, including the way he wants you to think 
about "success."  "I have a lot of money, a huge amount, a terrifically 
ginormous amount......"

 My point about Trump's success is that he has started numerous businesses, 
most have been successful. 


 How are you defining success?  When you say "most," what are you talking 
about? How in the heck do you know this?  I'm sorry, but you are talking out of 
your ear.  There is a long list of failed Trump businesses is what there is. He 
sells his name; that doesn't give him any credibility or experience in running 
a country. Certainly he has personally lined his pockets with the "proceeds" of 
his "businesses," including his campaign. Where is the support of his business 
community? Hmmmm......Basically, he's a confidence man and you are one of his 
marks.  I'm trying to enlighten you, but I fear you are just too far gone.  

 5 Ways Donald Trump Is Making Money Off His Own Campaign 
 5 Ways Donald Trump Is Making Money Off His Ow... 
http://fortune.com/2016/08/24/donald-trump-campaign/ $18 per taco bowl
 View on fortune.com http://fortune.com/2016/08/24/donald-trump-campaign/ 
 Preview by Yahoo 

 He understand what it takes for a businesses to get off the ground and grow. 
and what stifles businesses. 

 And on what are you basing any of those remarks on.  How does he understand 
any of that in a way that translates to qualifying him for President.  Did you 
not hear what he said?  Direct quotes from The Donald.  

 Donald Trump's Messy Ideas For Handling The National Debt, Explained 
 Donald Trump's Messy Ideas For Handling The National... 
 Does Donald Trump want investors to accept a haircut? Or does he just want 
trillions more dollars printed? The Donald's messy economic plans show ...
 View on www.npr.org 
 Preview by Yahoo 

 Hillary and Obama have no business experience. They've never started one or 
run one. They rely almost entirely on people that never have run one either. 
"well, the theory is..."


 So, this is your criteria - the only criteria you have.  "Donald started a 
business.....and now he's rich."  

 People want jobs and a better economy.

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 Oh Emily, are you saying that Trump is *no* saint but Hillary *is*? 


 So you don't define a successful business as to how profitable it is but 
whether it is worthy of the beatitudes? 


 BTW, Christ never advocated  *for* poverty. Many of his parables were about 
rich people and creating wealth and how blessed and wise they were. Abraham, 
Issac and Jacob, the patriarchs of Judaism were quite wealthy and they didn't 
charge five hundred thousand dollars for a twenty minute speech promising 
access for favors.


 Never said he did.  You missed my point entirely.  

 Not the same person but share the same ideology. She was his Secretary of 
State. Of course you don't blame Obama or Hillary for world events, unless they 
were good events.

 Nope, don't do that either.  

 Obama dropped the planned defensive missile shield for Europe. Putin was very 
appreciative of that. It also emboldened him.Notice, Georgia was then invaded 
along with the Crimea and other parts of the Ukraine. Obama threatened Assad 
about the use of chemical weapons and pronounced that he must go, line in the 
sand. Putin came to Assad's aid and the civil war goes on along with millions 
of refugees . Obama and Clinton arranged aid to the rebels, many of whom turned 
out to be ISIS. Obama and Hillary abandoned Mubarak, a long time ally, that 
kept Egypt stable and at peace. They recognized the revolutionary government of 
the Muslim Brotherhood that took control and Obama and Clinton were 
instrumental in the collapse of Libya and overthrow of Kaddhafi who was a 
scoundrel but he had become *our* scoundrel and kept Libya out of the hands of 
terrorists. It's all a matter of leadership, something neither he nor Hillary 


 It's easy to create a history that supports one's politics.  You repeat the 
story you like over and over and over and over and reinforce it with what you 
read and watch and basically brainwash yourself.  I believe what I posted 
yesterday to Bhairitu:

 History, Wineburg notes, is messy. And the most responsible thing for 
educators to do is to leave elbowroom for the mess. "History as truth, issued 
from the left or the right, abhors shades of gray," Wineburg writes, adding, 
"Such a history atrophies our tolerance for complexity. It makes us allergic to 
exceptions to the rule. Worst of all it depletes the moral courage we need to 
revise our beliefs in the face of new evidence.
 "It insures ultimately that tomorrow we will think exactly as we thought 
yesterday – and the day before and the day before that." 

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   The measure of a person is not determined by how many billions they made.  
Is that the criteria you are using to define "success?"  How many billions have 
*you* made?  Shallow thinking there, Mike.  What does the Sermon on the Mount 
say again?

 You seem to think that Obama and Hillary are the same person.  Am I right?  
You refer to them interchangeably.  All I can say is, I don't lay the 
responsibility of world conflicts or the antics of dictators solely at the feet 
of Obama and Hillary.  Too simplistic a conclusion, dontcha think?  
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 She *rest* the relationship with Russia, I'm sure at Obama's behest . Obama 
stopped the missile defense system for Europe. Putin knew he was dealing with a 
pansy. And the *red lines* that Obama drew in the sand for Assad proved it. 
Don't forget the debacles in Egypt and Libya.
 Actually, I said Trump has created *successful* businesses.Trump has made 
billions with his businesses. How about you? Tell us about the billions you've 
made Emily. I won't even ask to see your taxes.


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   Ah ha ha Mike....like one person has the responsibility for all the world's 
ills.  Can you try and be a little more dramatic in your accusations?  And your 
insistence that Trump is a "good businessman" is hilarious.  

 "Secretary of State... well the middle- east and refugee situation and ISIS 
says enough. not to mention Russia invading Georgia and the Ukraine. Murder, 
destruction and millions of refugees homeless and flooding into Europe. What an 

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 Better check the polls again. You may see Francis the Mule in the winners 
circle. If Hillary can't mop the floor with Trump, there is something terribly 
wrong. He's not a carrier politician and I doubt any debate skills.
 Nobody is going to riot if Hillary is elected. That is too *ghetto*. Trump 
voters will be back at work the next day.
 Just who is it that hasn't accomplished anything? Trump has created successful 
business around the world. That means he has created lots of jobs.
 Hillary, on the other hand, what has she accomplished? Rode her husbands 
coattails into the Senate and has accomplished  zip. No major pieces or minor 
for that fact, of legislation.
 Secretary of State... well the middle- east and refugee situation and ISIS 
says enough. not to mention Russia invading Georgia and the Ukraine. Murder, 
destruction and millions of refugees homeless and flooding into Europe. What an 

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   Keep dreaming. Trump has as much chance of succeeding in the election, as a 
mule winning the next Kentucky Derby. Hope you will be watching tonight's 
debate, when Hillary cleans the floor with Mop Top. 

I also hope you don't riot in the streets when The Donald loses. It won't be a 
"rigged election" either. That is just the excuse Mr Small Hands will use to 
justify his trouncing, and Clinton's victory. This country has no patience for 
someone who has accomplished nothing in his life, but to hurt others and 
generate controversy. Can't wait to see his ample rear end in the rear view 

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 And that would guarantee a Hillary victory. More important than voting *for* 
someone, is keeping someone *out*! 
 Hillary is absolutely unacceptable. Trump is the only one that can stop her.

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   To not vote for Trump, or Clinton, you would have to vote for Gary Johnson 
or Jill Stein.


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 Please Emily. I'm not voting for Trump. I'm voting against Hillary. She is 
totally unacceptable, not simply because she's a liar and a crook and 
untrustworthy, most politicians are to some degree, but because of the policies 
she advocates. I will never accept the open borders she advocates or the 
bringing of a half million ,nearly un-vetted, Syrian refugees to resettle here.
 I didn't support one Republican with these views nor will I support any 
Democrat with the same.
 Dailykos, Saloon.com, New York Times etc, please. These are all mouth pieces 
for the Democratic party, like Pravda was the Communist Party mouth piece.

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 I've had it and so, evidently, has this writer. It is getting down to the wire 
and I see this kind of thing all over the place all of a sudden. People have 
simply had enough.










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