You might check your calendar. It's only September 29th not November. Or do you believe you have mastered Vak Siddhi?

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I am not worried. The race is over. Clinton won. Now we just have to go through the motions until she can be sworn in. It never was much of a contest.Looks like the spray-tan, hair weave, and male corset companies won't be getting the boost they wanted...

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I think your knowledge of Clinton is about as deep as a mud puddle on a hot summer afternoon. Don't worry you have plenty of company here.

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    The position of president is real enough, and whether the choice
    is between clowns or saints, or somewhere in between, it seems an
    odd choice to opt out. After the rope-a-dope at the last debate,
    it is clear which candidate wears the pants in this contest, and
    I think she will make a good president. I wouldn't let Trump
    manage a lemonade stand.

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        And just another sign that *no one*, except Trump's ever
        shrinking basket of deplorables, wants him to have anything
        to do with governing this country. Traditional conservatives
        see him as "Typhoid Donald". As the AZ Republic endorsement
        made clear, there is currently only one adult running for

        There are no adults running for president.  Just clowns.

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        Just another sign that Hillary supports the status quo.

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            Link didn't show up on my computer by clicking.  Here
            it is again.

            Endorsement: Hillary Clinton is the only choice to move
            America ahead


            Endorsement: Hillary Clinton is the only choice to move

            The Arizona Republic editorial board endorses Hillary
            Clinton for president.
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            Nothing ambiguous about that - solidly written, with
            indisputable points. Thanks for the link.

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            Here's the Arizona Republic's endorsement editorial,
            BTW. It's worth a read:


            The paper was founded 126 years ago, in *1890*, and has
            never before endorsed a Democrat for president.

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            "...The Republic is not the first newspaper with a
            traditionally conservative editorial slant to
            deviate from historical norms
            and endorse the Democratic candidate this election.
            Earlier this month, the Dallas Morning News
            threw its support behind Clinton, the first Democratic
            presidential candidate it had endorsed since before
            World War II. The Cincinnati Enquirer
            which has supported Republicans for president for
            nearly a century, endorsed Clinton, as did the Houston
            as of this writing, has received no endorsements
            from major publications since the primary season..."
            (emphasis mine)


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