Dear Fellow Bernie Sanders Supporters,
 I am writing you as my last act as Jefferson County Bernie delegation lead to 
ask that you join me in voting for Hillary Clinton and avert the horrific 
possibility of a Trump presidency.
 Let me immediately acknowledge that Hillary is no Bernie Sanders and that many 
of the things Bernie stands for are not likely to gain much traction with Ms. 
Clinton as president. That said, on the single most important issue facing 
America and the world, Climate Change, Ms. Clinton's policies are far closer to 
Bernie's than to those of Climate Change denying “I love coal” Trump.
 According to many of the world’s leading climate scientists, some 80% of 
already discovered fossil fuel reserves must never be burned if we are to avert 
widespread Climate Change disaster. (Even as I write, Cedar Rapids is bracing 
for its second 100-year flood in just eight years.) Eight years of Trump’s 
“drill baby, drill,” pro-coal, anti-regulation policies would mean “game over” 
for Climate Change and irreversibly threaten life on our planet as we know it. 
This must not happen.
 Bottom line? Either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump is going to be our next 
president. We owe it to our children and all future generations to make sure 
that we elect a president who will not sacrifice their well-being at the altar 
of the fossil fuel industry. Please join me in voting for Hillary to make sure 
that sacrifice does not happen.
 With love and respect,
 Jonas Magram
 P.S. Of course, there are MANY significant reasons a Trump presidency would be 
a disaster for America; Climate Change is simply and by far the most 
significant among these.

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