Yes, the majority consensus of people who screw up and embarrass themselves 
when they get in an argument with me, as you've done so often. No surprise 

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 You're pretty weird, Judy, and live in weird world where you twist things 
around to suit your needs.  Nothing new, of course, but pretty much makes 
normal dialog with you impossible. Of course that's been the consensus for as 
long as you've been on these groups.  At least the majority consensus. 

 But, as a study of certain kind of twisted dysfunctionality, you are 

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 P.S.: I asked you initially (not the quote below), very innocently, what your 
source was for the 60 pounds figure--and you ignored the question. That's why I 
followed up by suggesting you were reluctant to divulge your source. Turns out 
my suspicion was correct: your source was unreliable, and you knew it. 



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 Machado says she gained about 12 pounds. But you'd rather go with "buzz on the 
internet" that confirms your own biases than get the information from the 
horse's mouth, as it were. 



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 I picked up this number from buzz on the internet.  If you have something more 
accurate, then put it out here, in a normal way of discussing things, if you 
are capable of such.

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 I gather you have a certain reluctance to identify your source for the 60 
pounds figure, eh, Stevie-boy? Wonder why that is? 



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 Thanks, Sal, for your reply. 

 This was sort of what I was hoping to get, and I'd like to reply when I am not 
rushing off to work.

 But, yes, it raises much larger questions, which you've done.  But, given the 
state of things now, or when she was coronated, there was, rightly or wrongly, 
an expectation along these lines.  That's all I'm saying.

 Whether beauty contests are just exploration, I can't say.  Our culture is so 
dialed into the display of sexuality, whether it be NFL cheerleaders or beauty 
contests, and many women and girls are drawn to it in a big way.

 More comments later, I think.

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 Steve, leaving aside for a moment how disgusting fat shaming…or shaming of any 
kind is... have you ever gone on a crash diet?  Do you have any idea of what 
it’s like to live with the feeling of being constantly hungry?  Not to mention 
whatever plastic surgery they feel they have to get for their one brief moment 
in the sun. 

 Now maybe you could say she was being deceptive by accepting the role knowing 
she most likely couldn’t keep up appearances.  But when someone’s “investment” 
is built on someone else denying themselves, for a whole year, basic 
sustenance, isn’t that already a major deception? That they all do to one 
extent or another and that seems to be just fine with Trump, the “owner” of the 
contest? And isn’t it time to start wondering when we’re going to finally 
retire and put to bed, permanently, such horrendous examples of fake 
femininity, fake male dominance, fake ideals of beauty, all built on these very 
young and most likely desperate women doing things to their bodies that used to 
be the stuff of science fiction.

 The*whole thing* is a sick and twisted deception.   She most likely just 
started eating normally again, or however normally you can after doing whatever 
it is someone feels they need to do to whittle themselves down to a stick.

 Not to mention there's something truly disgusting about watching someone like 
Trump cavort and play mind games with these basically starving young women, all 
vying for his attention, while he goes back to the next lavish buffet as he 
decides which of them to make his plaything for the next year.




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[FairfieldLife] <> wrote:

 if you are the winner of a Ms. Universe contest and then you go on to gain 60 
lbs., I'm not exactly sure you can say you are fulfilling the obligation for 
that title.  There is a certain expectation of physical appearance that I would 
think would go along with that role.

 Now, I would say that you should not ridicule or demean that person, but I can 
understand if the owner of the contest might think, WTF?


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