Possibly, but I’m also guessing that this is her worst nightmare as well, since 
no self-respecting candidate would want an obviously mentally-unbalanced 
opponent, that’s just one more things her enemies can then use to try and 
delegitimize her.


On Oct 1, 2016, at 12:17 PM, emily.ma...@yahoo.com [FairfieldLife] 
<FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

Well, in the realm of gender politics, if one believes that it is time for a 
woman to be President, than given the current level of sexism and systemic 
barriers present in our society at large and in so many of its citizens, a 
candidate such as Drumpf has been a great blessing. In many ways, he has driven 
many to question their blind allegiances and internal prejudices about so many 
things. He has forced us, as a nation, to a decision point. He is serving an 
important role (that's the most positive thing I can say about Trump - I 
haven't noted any redeeming personal qualities as of yet.)  If Hillary had any 
plausible opposing candidate, her path to the highest political position in the 
nation would be much more difficult.  As stated on The_Peak, it is her time. 
Why? Because here she is and here Trump is and he does not represent a "choice" 
for anyone sane, imho!  I am thrilled to see the polls finally starting to 
reflect reality.    

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<olliesedwuz@...> wrote :

I have said positive things about Trump, like he could probably handle the job 
of White House groundskeeper after Hillary's election. I have no idea why you 
are looking for "positive things to say" about Trump! Shit, Hitler was 
apparently nice to children - Yes, there is a parallel. I consider Donnie to be 
the most dangerous and unqualified candidate to ever attempt the presidency. 
And he is an asshole to everyone he meets. Thanks for the opportunity to 
clarify my feelings. Get over yourself.

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<awoelflebater@...> wrote :

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<steve.sundur@...> wrote :

Ollie, what would happen if you dared to say something positive about Trump.  

I mean, you've been on this tirade non stop for about three months now, without 
a pause.

Maybe, for the sake of a change, take a different tack for maybe 24 hours.  Or 
maybe a few minutes.

Can you think of something positive to say about him.  Non sarcastic, possibly.

Steve, as hard as I try every day to find one single redeeming feature about 
this excuse for a human being I fail every time. Seriously. I have no agenda to 
continually find fault with him, but one of the mysteries of this world that 
will go with me to the grave is how one single person on this planet can not 
possibly see how corrupt, mentally ill, greedy, distorted and pathetic this man 
Trump is. I might be blind, he could be the next enlightened and magnanimous 
leader for America but I fail to grasp the reality of this. The sooner he 
crawls back to the maggoty hole he came from the better. Nov. 8 can not come 
soon enough. The next 5 weeks will simply continue to ramp up his illustration 
of how wacko he is - like some phase shift of what the human psyche is capable 
of as it ultimately implodes. The end result isn't going to be pretty.

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<olliesedwuz@...> wrote :

He needs to quit this campaign nonsense, and see a psychotherapist immediately. 
Mentally and physically ill - easily 100 pounds overweight, and given his 
marked rise in irrationality as the night wears on, perhaps a secret drinker. 
With all the secrets he keeps and the lies he tells, there is something very 
wrong with this punk.


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