There's probably no way the informants will be posting to FFL, since they got 
banned from the group. And, there's no way they will be posting to FFL-2 after 
the humiliation they got from the MGs.  

 That must have really hurt their feelings!  

 I'd still like to see them talk about their adventures practicing human 
levitation and yogic flying, but apparently the moderator activated the Yahoo 
secret private button in order to protect them so they would feel safe from 
prying eyes. 
---In, <steve.sundur@...> wrote :

 the "hands off" appears to be working, on FFL, at least. 

 I wonder if the Amen Corner folks will start to migrate back to FFL-2?

 I can just hear it now, the Grand Poobah, Barry Wright himself will issue of 
proclamation, with half a dozen "whereases", announcing his re-entrance into 
Alex's place.  And the little ducklings will follow.
---In, <awoelflebater@...> wrote :

 No doubt. It appears FFL is making a sort of comeback. The Corner seems to be 
folding in on itself. 
---In, <salsunshineiniowa@...> wrote :

 Everybody must still be "on vacation" (snicker)

 On Oct 2, 2016, at 8:42 AM, awoelflebater@... mailto:awoelflebater@... 
[FairfieldLife] <> wrote:

 Wow, look at the post count discrepancy between the Coroner and FFL. I know he 
can't post here but I know he's reading, just like all the other boys over in 
the Dunce Corner. They evidently need something to talk about. You can only 
listen to bawee for so long.


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