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 I  understand, and it's no big deal.  I like Ollie, have nothing against him.  
I just find that his put downs lack a certain nuance, or maybe they have an 
element of panic, unlike yours Ann, which seem to have a degree of separation.  
I don't know if that makes sense. 

 Sort of like having what could be a funny joke, but messing up the punch line. 
 Or maybe not varying the material a tad.

 It's cool. Like I said, I like you Steve and you have a way with words at 
times that I find hilarious - especially when you create these mock 
conversations (usually between bawee and someone else - you always nail it) but 
Ollie has the gift of dumping on Trump that is perfect for me. I totally get 
where he's coming from with his descriptions and they resonate with my utter 
contempt for the tawdry excuse for a man that Trump is disguised as.
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 Thanks for all the comedic breaks.  Geez, you are hilarious.  ROTFloor on this 
one "....before they steal our jobs overseas, and take 'em to Mexico..."

 I totally agree. Ollie is brilliant in nailing the bastard - every time. I 
don't understand how Steve, and I like Steve and find him hilarious - 
especially when baiting bawee - can not appreciate Ollie's take downs of Trump.

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 I heard Trump locks himself in his "water closet" now, curls on the floor in 
the fetal position, turns off the lights, and whimpers in the dark. When 
Melania asks him, through the door, what's wrong, he 'explains' its just the 
plumbing sounds:

"I'm not sayin' there's a conspiracy - your bathroom has good plumbing, mine 
not so much...even though I have a beautiful bathroom, the best 
bathroom...everybody wants to use my bathroom...no one wants to use crooked 
Hillary's bathroom...mine has plumbing sounds, it could be the Chinese, the 
game is rigged, we need to keep them out to lunch, like Rosie, who deserves it, 
so punch 'em in the face before they steal our jobs overseas, and take 'em to 

"...but seriously, people just love this bathroom...don't you love this 
bathroom?...why wouldn't you love this bathroom? It is the best bathroom...I 
spend a LOT of time in here, and this bathroom is not a problem, there is no 
problem I assure you...everybody loves this bathroom..."

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 There will be no lack of material to agonize over at the next debate. Trump 
better start composing his tweets now... It is particularly interesting to read 
the whole article in order to understand the ramifications of his tax dodging. 
It goes beyond just being smart and having a good tax accountant.


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