Since a certain unnamed individual abused the anon log in a lurker
friend who is not a member and can no longer post asked me to post
this as his obversation/opinion cognition. 

--- braaahmaan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

An new folder in the FILES section (see uper left portion of FFL Home
Page) has been created to track, the surprisingly increasing, claims
made on FL. Yes must track, must track, must track) and reduce must
reduce must reduce chaos, chaos must reduce), yes increasing,
increasing, increasing, always fucking increasing number of baseless
and/or unsubstantiated (baseless yes, baseless, baseless they are all

Here is the FAQ for that folder.

1) Make one file for each general unsubstantiated claim. (Yes make a
file, yes make a file, make a file) (To reduce clutter, clutter must
be reduced, reduced reduced reduced, clutter bad, clutter bad, clutter
bad please group near similar claims in the same file.)

In each file, provide:

2) Provide a URL to the post of the alleged bogus claim, and key (URL
for bogus clutter, bogus, bogus, bogus only) quotes of the claim.
(That's the key, That's the key, That's the key)

3) Politely ask the poster for specific clarification and back-up of
(clarify and back up, clarify and back up, be polite, be polite, be
polite, specific only, specific only, specific only) his claim(s).
Provide the URL of that post.

4) Provide URL of original posters response, or citation that after a
(more URL, more URL, match and cross reference, match and cross
reference, must have back up and clarity, back up and clarity, verify,
bring order, must have order) week, no resposnse of clarification or
backup was made.

5) Cite URLs and summaries of subsequent relevant posts on the issue.
(relevant, relevant, relevant, must pertain, must must must 

6) Provide a summary as to why you feel the claim has not been
clarified and substantiated. (clarify and substantiate, yes must prove
the MF's wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, must be right, right ,right,
order, clarity, summary, clarify and substantiate, clarify and
substantiate clarify and substantiate 

7) When an adequate response is received, publicly thank the poster
for the clarification. (thank, thank, thank, polite, polite, polite,
must be polite, and better,better, better, show them,  show them, show
them, show the superior way, superior, superior….the fools)

8) If there is an inadequate response, post to FFL a summary of the
file: claim made, the inadequacy of response, etc. , with URL of the
claim's file. (inadequate, inadequate, yes it will always be, post to
show how stupid they are, how disorderly, how unclear, how
unsummarized, how inferior, how unsubstantial, baseless, baseless,
baseless, it is all baseless, file it, file, file file,……

9) As files accumulate, and index and summary file for all claim files
will be made. (yes, yes ,yes index, we must have an index, indexes are
good, good, good, good))

10) Do not make perosnal attacks on persons or motives. Simply state
the facts. (no personal attacks, just show how stupid they are,
inconsequential, baseless, inferior, chaotic, unorganized, get it all
categorized, summarized, clarified, filed, foldered, uncluttered, JUST
FACTS, MAAM; STUPID PSYCHOLOGISTS) Just being humorous, humor, humor,
humor, disguise, disguise…..J , :J J just my clever sense of humor,
clever clever…

11) This is a moderated folder. Files with inconsequential material
and personal disputes will be returned to the "filer" and discarded
from this folder. (I moderate, moderate, moderate, moderate, eliminate
inconsequential, cluttered up poo poo ca ca, discard them, discard,
discard, all the inferiors, unclear thinkers, must have order,
categories, lots of categories, files, index them, index them, show
the way , the way , the way, follow me, follow my lead,  must have
control, control, control, get it all filed, clarified, categorized,
indexed, structured my way, my way, my way, THE way, THE way, THE way)
 right, right, right, have to be, have to be, have to be, always
right, show them, show show show…:) :) :) :)

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