--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, Vaj <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Dec 17, 2005, at 3:21 AM, TurquoiseB wrote:
> > It's just utterly fascinating to me how people who
> > have been involved in the TM movement or other "We've
> > got the answers if you've got the cash" spiritual
> > movements get warped by that over the years. They
> > tend to react to everything spiritual that they
> > encounter as if someone is trying to sell them some-
> > thing. And they tend to doubt the new thing as a
> > default because not much that's been sold to them
> > in the past has done much for them.
> >
> > Add to that the focus that Maharishi and TM have put
> > on "scientific verification" of something (enlight-
> > enment) that defies even *subjective* verification,
> > and you've got a interesting mix -- people who
> > profess to be seekers, but who have been programmed
> > to automatically reject that which they seek.
> It is amazing isn't it? It's amazing what clever marketing can do.
> I think the best example of this is their selling of the word and 
> idea "transcendental". It leads people to believe that what they 
> getting is actually transcendental. One of the ways they keep up 
> facade is to use english terms and avoid the original sanskrit 
> as much as possible. Once you begin to look closely at what 
> terms in yoga, etc. are actually translated as "transcendental", 
> see see that TM at best gives a momentary glimpse, that's all. 
It's a  
> good intro. What they sell people on is really a thought-free 
> not a transcendental state. And the closer you look, the further 
> see this deceptive marketing goes. It's so deceptive most people  
> don't even realize they are being lied to.
> One wonders since siddhi performance increases the force of our  
> delusions (maya-shakti) if that was the idea: increase delusion, 
> sales.

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