Indefensible!  No need to photoshop negative images of him - he's the 
personification of ugliness unhinged.   

 That was a good ad and does an excellent job of using Kaine's performance 
positively.  In the post-debate discussion I was listening to where they were 
discussing the V.P. candidates "style" (and how many times Kaine interrupted 
Pence), one of the commentators made the point that it was the content that 
mattered, because the performances were going to be broken up into, for 
example, 30 second soundbites.  It was more important that he make the case 
against Trump and make it, he did. 

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 Heaven help us. Just imagine that insane face on the president of the United 
States. Heil Trump! 



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 Have a look at this overnight Hillary ad based on the debate; it's embedded in 
this article from

 How Clinton’s Camp Is Baiting Trump’s Into Losing the Post-Debate Spin Cycle
 How Clinton’s Camp Is Baiting Trump’s Into Losing the Po...
   Just before the end of the first presidential debate on Sept. 26, Hillary 
Clinton shoehorned an anecdote about Venezuelan beauty queen-turned-U.S. ci...

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