Whatever the outcome is in the presidential election one thing is for sure: 
populism is alive and well in American politics.

 This isn't unique to the U.S. - it's a global trend. This is due to global 
economics and the economic decisions many politicians have instituted!

 People are frustrated with the political class because they don't seem to 
relate to the people anymore. People are going to vote to disrupt the political 
system to try and replace the establishment. 

 Trumps' campaign has been built on populism - people feel they are 
disenfranchised and poorly served by the government. A good example is the 
Bernie Sanders campaign. 

 Hillary is beginning to realize that some of this sentiment is gaining 
traction, so she has assumed similar positions, such as the Trans-Pacific 

 People are tired of politicians and their broken promises and for not telling 
the truth. Many people are calling for alternative voices to challenge the 
current political situation. Government has become ineffective.

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 "Time for a change in leadership!"

Fine - But first you have to come up with a leader... Get to step one, and 
we'll talk. 

It will be a change of leadership - Obama steps down, and Clinton steps up.
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 Nearly fifty percent of American voters are miserable, brain-washed voters who 
hate Hillary Clinton, but not because she is breathing oxygen. They don't trust 
her to make America safer.  

 They don't want eight more years of Obama's failed foreign policy - the 
"pivot" has so far been a failure to protect U.S. foreign interests in Asia. 
Obama did nothing to keep Russia from annexing Crimea and he failed to enforce 
his so-called "red-line" in Syria. The current strategy for national defense is 
defective and that is what will lead to oblivion. 

 Time for a change in leadership! 
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 Seriously?! Next the Republicans will be accusing Hillary of breathing and 
recklessly using up oxygen that could instead feed another one of their voters. 
Never have I seen the GOP in such utter disarray, spewing out whatever they can 
dream up, to forestall the inevitable. The result will only be a mass of 
miserable, brain-washed voters in November, with hatred and despondence in 
their hearts for Clinton, and resigned to eight more years of defeat. The only 
ones happy about it will be the hate rodeo clowns like limbaugh, colter, and 
hannity, ensured of fat future paychecks and plenty of fame, ever stoking the 
prejudices already inflamed.

Why not have a positive attitude about this country? It is not the wreck that 
the Republicans make it out to be. Their childish attitude of denigrating and 
obstructing everything that doesn't fit their narrow self interests hasn't 
worked out well, at all. So they have doubled-down with Trump and Pence, the 
two most ignorant and inexperienced candidates to be fielded since Bush/Cheney. 
It is obvious this tear down America campaign isn't working, and yet with 
nothing else to offer, the Republican Party puts the accelerator to the floor, 
with the brick wall in front of them. Might want to rethink that strategy, or 
continue to oblivion.
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 Nearly fifty percent of voting Americans are a "basket of deplorables" and 
"living in their parents basement!"
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 Yes, and Kaine was accused of being insulting at one point by Pence because 
Kaine had simply repeated Trump's own words. It's like Pence didn't realize 
what crap issues from his running mate's mouth all these months - he didn't 
recognize the language or the well-known quotes. Of course he did, but it was 
another of his lies and attempts to deflect. Pence is the perfect VP pick for 
T.rump as his appeal to the other smarmy, conservatives in his party is 
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  [Pence] also repeatedly accused the Democrats of running an "insult-driven" 
campaign - an ironic attack line given that Trump has leveled repeated insults 
against Clinton and his former rivals in the Republican primaries.




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 "The weak and feckless foreign policy of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama has 
awaked an aggression in Russia that first appeared in Russia a few years ago," 
Pence said. "All the while, all we do is fold our arms and say we're not having 
talks anymore."

 News from The Associated Press 
 News from The Associated Press 
 FARMVILLE, Va. (AP) -- Democrat Tim Kaine aggressively challenged Republican 
Mike Pence over a long list of Donald Trump's controversial positions and 
statements Tuesday night, drawing a vigorous defense of Trump's tax history.

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