Hurricanes are a force of nature - there is no Paris Accord that will be able 
to stop weather change. The best thing to do when experiencing severe weather 
is to pray; get down on your hands and knees and pray to the Sun God, or the 
God of your choice.

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 The point is that the Paris agreement will not stop hurricanes. They've always 
existed and always will.

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   Two big fat non sequiturs. Good work, Mike, keep 'em coming!



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 The Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico are littered with sunken Spanish treasure 
ships which sank during hurricanes. Did we have man-made global warming in the 
1500-1600 hundreds?
 Remember how after Katrina, we were supposed to have 13 or more hurricanes a 
year, many with the intensity of Katrina or worse, all due to *global warming*?


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   "An MSNBC reporter was bashed online on Wednesday, when he claimed on air 
that the new Paris climate change agreement would stop storms like Hurricane 
 Reporter:Paris agreement is 'designed to stop' storms like Matthew
 Reporter:Paris agreement is 'designed to stop' s...
 While more frequent and stronger storms have been connected to global warming, 
it's unclear whether human action can stop storms.

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 I'm beginning to think she has more of a problem that just high blood 
pressure. She may seriously deranged! Tuesday marks a record 127 months since a 
major hurricane has made landfall in the continental United States.

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 Hillary's medical check-up:












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