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 Any politician would be embarrassed if a tape surfaced with them using the 
word "pussy" in a vulgar context. But in private settings countless people use 
the word. It's not offensive in itself, at least not to everyone, though it's 
not appropriate in many contexts. It's also true that many men brag about their 
sexual exploits to other men. The language might be demeaning and denigrating 
or offensive. But what really matters is what is described or more specifically 
what actually happened. If a man brags in florid terms about sleeping with a 
woman and the sex was consensual, people may find that offensive or not. But 
that's really not what's happening in this tape, or it's perhaps better to say 
that's not the big thing that's happening in this tape. Trump is bragging that 
he can and does force himself on women and that he can do so with impunity 
because he's a star. It is quite literally his privilege. "And when you’re a 
star they let you do it. You can do anything ... Grab them by the pussy. You 
can do anything." That's not just inappropriate. That's illegal.
 In theory it's possible that Trump was bragging about something he doesn't or 
hadn't actually done. But there's lots of evidence that Donald Trump does stuff 
like this as a matter of course....



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