As you know (and as Gateway Pundit knows), the problem with Pussygate isn't the 
"colorful" language. It's Trump's boast that his celebrity gives him the right 
to criminally sexually assault women, whatever language he uses to express that 

 Focusing on the specific language rather than Trump's extreme misogyny is 
intentionally deceptive and malicious.

 The media have been quite clear about what the objection is to the tape. 
Gateway Pundit's (and your) goal is to confuse readers who aren't media-savvy 
in an attempt to get Trump off the hook and demean the media as "corrupt"--when 
it's Trump's would-be rescuers who are actually corrupt.

---In, <> wrote :

 "The corrupt media is acting like this is the first time in history a 
president or presidential candidate was caught talking nasty with other men..."

 FLASHBACK VIDEO: Presidents Being Colorful, Including Obama's "B*tch Nigga Buy 
Your Own Damn Fries!"
 FLASHBACK VIDEO: Presidents Being Colorful, I...
 The Clinton campaign (Washington Post) released audio on Friday of Donald 
Trump talking about hitting on a hot woman in ...

 View on www.thegatewaypun...
 Preview by Yahoo 


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 Ah, the ceremonial planting of the imaginary flag of victory.  Since we see 
this so often, I really think you should consider adding some production 
values.  You know some music and video to go along with it: Judy in a toga.  
Judy in renaissance garb. Judy wearing a coon skin cap.  Judy in a business 
suit, with the heading, "I Win" 

 Now, probably you should have a scroll on the bottom, "Past  performance does 
not guarantee future results", or something like that.  Just in case.  You know.

 Whaddya think?

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 You are very unconvincing, Stevie-poo. You've screwed up badly on the Trump 
topic, and it's painfully obvious you have no idea how to recoup. Sad. 


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