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 It was quite a strong contrast. Clinton articulated her answers very well, in 
a forward looking way. I can also see her positions have shifted, thoughtfully, 
in response to the electorate. She doesn't say anything she cannot back up, 
either by reason, experience, or a combination of the two. She already has my 
vote, and now has my considerable respect. There was no artifice or parsing 
answers from her last night. She was the real deal, and I thought she handled 
the onslaught of cow pies from her opponent very well - She said she would take 
the high road during the debate, and she did. 

Trump, on the other hand, has learned absolutely nothing, about domestic or 
foreign issues, or addressing the needs of the country. He is exactly in the 
same place, with his diatribes and finger-pointing, as he was 18 months ago. No 
advancement, or maturity, or growth. Some old locker room guy, hangin' with his 
locker room buddies. He is now developing a sort of who cares? nonchalance 
about losing. He knows it is over.

 I had the distinct impression when I saw him up on the stage at the start of 
the debate that he just wanted to be anywhere else, doing anything else than 
what he had to do for the next 90 minutes. He was as nervous and uncomfortable 
as I've ever seen anyone. I think his bully-boy personhood that is all that he 
is has had enough. He doesn't want to play anymore. It has all ceased being fun 
and he can't wait for it to be over so he can go back to doing what he can do 
with impunity - which is screw whoever he likes literally and figuratively. 
Only one problem, people know what he is now and his future doesn't look too 
bright to me.
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 I actually enjoyed this debate more than the first one. Clinton ignored the 
doofus for the most part, and clearly articulated her position on numerous 
issues, able to inject substance. In direct contrast to Trump's monotonous 
drone, which always devolved into, "she's ugly too". He really looked like an 
oaf tonight. Didn't answer a single question directly - Clinton nailed them 

Granted, he did better than the first time, able to get out all his talking 
points, but it was strictly amateur night for Donnie.  Those in his camp will 
no doubt applaud a little too enthusiastically, like the teacher always did for 
the slow kid in class. But it is game over. An underwhelming performance, that 
did the opposite of Clinton's skillful demonstration, and convinced exactly 
nobody of Trump's qualifications to be president.

 He certainly appeared nervous/agitated up there. He couldn't sit still or 
stand still and kept hovering over her, at least it appeared that way from the 
camera angle. He is an oaf of a man. While he got in his digs he is without 
substance and keeps repeating the same old lines over and over again - all 
sound and fury and no real meat on the bone. What a dangerous and noxious 
buffoon. November 8 seems a lifetime away.

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