Anyone would be crazy to think that I would post irrelevancies, or post lies on 
this forum, or make negative comments about Hillary's home-brew server. 

 Or, that I would point out that she would delete any mail that was top-secret 
or classified material, or be friends with Sidney, or have anything to do with 
running guns in Libya to Syria. 

 Anyone would be nuts to think that I would question the meaning of Bill 
visiting the U.S. Attorney General when Hillary was being investigated by the 

 They would be out of their mind to think I could think that her husband was 
having sexual relations with anyone not his wife!

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 Bringing up irrelevancies and pretending they're meaningful, as you do all the 
time, is just another form of lying.

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 Anyone would be crazy to think that Hillary Clinton would install a home-brew 
computer in her basement in order to bypass the federal mail system, or delete 
30,000 emails on purpose to obstruct justice. 

 Anyone would be nuts to think she would send her husband to meet with the U.S. 
Attorney General to make a plea deal. Anyone would have to be insane to think 
the FBI would give immunity to a key witness in the email investigation. 

 And, anyone would be out of their mind to think that Bill Clinton might have 
molested a woman!

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 GOP ex-prosecutors slam Trump over threat to 'jail' Clinton
 GOP ex-prosecutors slam Trump over threat to 'jail&#...
 "The Justice Department isn't a political tool and it ought not to be employed 
that way."

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 Donald Trump’s debate-night vow to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate 
Hillary Clinton’s email setup and put her “in jail” provoked a sharp blowback 
from former U.S. prosecutors, who said Trump’s view of the Justice Department 
serving the whims of the president is antithetical to the American system.

 While presidents appoint the attorney general, they do not make decisions on 
whom to prosecute for crimes — and were Trump to do so, prosecutors warned, he 
would spark a constitutional crisis similar to that of the “Saturday Night 
Massacre” in the Nixon administration. In that case, Nixon attempted to fire 
the prosecutor investigating the Watergate scandal, and the top two Justice 
Department officials resigned on the spot.


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