Oh, yes. Sorry. I forgot to state the obvious prediction: you see rage
and anger in my post. hahaha. What else is new?

Can you cite one post that pokes fun at you, or criticizes you, in
which you don't, in YOUR EYES, see rage and anger in the poster?

Lets list the posts explicitly.

Its such a great defense mechanism. Especially when you can cloak it
with a <cough> phd and professional practice. 

Again, waiting for you to cantact me about that paper. 


--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, braaahmaan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Peter, your recent comments on rage are intriguing. 
> You see rage in my satire. I'm just curious. Do you see rage in other
> satires? Swift, Bruce, Sahl, Kaufman, Gorafalo, Silverman ? 
> Not that my satire is of their caliber. Mine is only amateur -- yet it
> is topical. Being amateur, I should think it may induce greater rage
> in you than professional satirists. Is that the case? 
> Or maybe its the ineptitude of my satire that enrages you, as if you
> are shouting inside "damn it, if you are going to be satirical, at
> least do a good job at it !." (Or as Barry would say "Do a flying fuck
> good job at it.".) I agree. Bad comics are bad news. But sick? 
> But, yeah. I agree. There is nothing lamer than someone who professes
> to be something and doesn't come near the standards of his or her
> profession. 
> Well, maybe you don't like the "satire campfire". Maybe you are more
> comfortable in your own backyard, making smores. Near Mom. Not in the
> wilderness that satire entails. No harm, no foul. 
> Maybe you don't like campfires. Where high yarns are told and tall
> tales are spun. And you need to sort out stuff for yourself. Beyond
> the sacred literal.  No harm, no foul. 
> Well rage is an intersting phenomenon. Good luck in treating yours.
> Its odd isn't it, people with maladies migrate towards becoming
> treatment professionalsin to those same maladies.
> I tended towards satire. yes all acknowledgements of lameness fully
> owned. Guess I tended towards curing my damn funny bone. Inept an
> attempt as that has been. But I can't stop laughing. Is that a
> sickness? In your book? Giggling? Braeking out in a roaring laugh like
> a bear? Vapid sickness? What kind of therapy shouldI seek for a warped
> funny bone? A warped therapist? 
> No thats not the same bone you were keen on when apologizing to Tom.
> Now THAT, I have to hand it to you, was like the best INEPT move I
> have seen ever. Totally breaking boundaries. Kaufmanesque. All plauds
> to you on that one. The scales of ackwardness and bad taste were
> raised to such heights, I was in awe. Maladjust on brother.

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