YS III 44 (in Judge's "translation-commentary"; can be also at least 43):

 bahir akalpitaa vRttir mahaa-videhaa; tataH prakaashaavaraNa-kSayah

 44. When the ascetic has completely mastered all the influences which the body 
has upon the inner man, and has laid aside all concern in regard to it, and in 
no respect is affected by it, the consequence is a removal of all obscurations 
of the intellect.

बहिरकल्पिता वृत्तिर्महाविदेहा ततः प्रकाशावरणक्षयः ॥ ४३॥

Many translators take that suutra (following the YF suutra) containing a 
separate siddhi-technique, saMyama on mahaa-videhaa (great-bodylessness). Seem 
to recall almost right away when saw it, seemed to me like a description of one 
aspect of the experience during YF. (The word saMyama is absent in that suutra, 
but, have to admit, so is it in many of the siddhi suutras proper.) 
Anyhoo, Judge is one of the rare commentators that seem to agree with me. At 
 his "translation" doesn't seem to me to consider that suutra being instruction 
 a separate siddhi?

 Other translations:

When The Unimagined Conception Can Be Held Outside, i.e. Unconnected With The 
Body, It Is Called Mahavideha Or The Great Discarnate. By Samyam On That The 
Veil Over The Illumination (Of Buddhisattva) Is Removed.
 [IT]: (44):
 The power of contacting the state of consciousness which is outside the 
intellect and is therefore inconceivable is called Maha-videha. From it is 
destroyed the covering of light.
The non-imaginary (actual) external vrtti activity (defining citta) is the 
great out-of-body state. From that, the dispersing of the covering of light.
The turning of thought without reference to the external world is called “the 
great disembodied thought”; from which this veil that obscures the light is 
 [SS]: (44):
 By samyama on thought waves unidentified by and external to the body 
[maha-videha, or the great bodilessness], the veil over the light of the Self 
is destroyed.
(44) By making samyama on the thought-waves of the mind when it is separated 
from the body—the state known as the Great Disincarnation–all coverings can be 
removed from the light of knowledge.
 [SV]: (44):
 By making Samyama on the real modifications of the mind, which are outside, 
called great disembodiness, comes disappearance of the covering to light.

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