You're right. It hadn't occurred to me--I guess because it was so obvious--but 
Parton's column is the only place I've seen the point made explicitly. 



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 Heather Digby Parton made the point in an article on Salon today, after 
quoting Trump:

 That's right, the same man who staged a televised stunt just four days ago in 
which he sanctimoniously slammed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary 
Clinton for supposedly trashing the reputations of assault victims, stood 
before the cameras and trashed the reputations of assault victims.


 Thanks for that, Judy. It is such a simple observation to make I was wondering 
why it wasn't being used constantly as this whole sordid drama plays out.

 Two speeches that defined a campaign: Donald Trump’s conspiratorial ranting 
and Michelle Obama’s inspiring call for decency
 Two speeches that defined a campaign: Donald Trump’s...
 Trump's dog-whistle diatribe was this campaign's darkest hour, while Michelle 
Obama's speech was its finest

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 So, how is Trump's besmirching of his female accusers any different or better 
or more justified than Hillary's alleged attacks against Bill Clinton's 
accusers? Does Trump not realize he's doing the exact same thing he accuses his 
opponent of? I haven't seen this point made anywhere in the media yet. What the 

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