You sound so angry, Mike. Hey, just for starters, the goons against Hillary 
have been at it for decades, accusing her of everything from being a lesbian to 
having staff members assassinated. She can take it, but it looks like Trump 
can't. Now that Trump opened his big fat dumb mouth and challenged people to go 
after him, they have. it has just been a week, and he wails like a little 
cry-baby who has wet his pants. 

He even calls himself a "victim" now, having conducted this campaign so far 
like the arrogant four star general of absolutely nothing that he is. Oh, so 
all the accusations have come back to bite him on his exceptionally large and 
flabby ass? Karma, much? My message to Donnie, "Take it like a man, not a 
mouse". This is why Hillary is now kicking his butt - she has ten times the 
strength, integrity and stamina that this spineless braggart does. What a wuss 
and a wimp he is. "Waaaaaah, its rigged!!"

We should take up a collection after the election, and ship Trump to Syria or 
Moscow (his choice), after revoking his US citizenship. 
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 Coming forward doesn't mean going *public*. Juanita Broaderrick had witnesses 
that saw her ripped panty hose and swollen lip right after the attack. The 
Courts ordered Clinton to pay Paula Jones around $800,000 dollars.


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 Bill's accusers came forward immediately.

 Not true.

 Kathleen Willey and Paula Jones didn't go public for five years. Juanita 
Broaddrick, for 20 years.

 Most of Trump's accusers came out much less than 30 years later.



 Trumps, as many as thirty years later in the middle of a political campaign 
with media bending over backwards, trying to discredit him. Hillary can't win 
on merit or accomplishments and has high negativity rating. All she can do is 
find a way to make Trump look more negative than her.

 Locker room talk dude! I don't know, maybe you haven't been around many men in 
a testosterone filled environment.  Can get pretty crude at times and usually 


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   I think it's glaringly obvious to anyone. In Trump world, Bill's accusers 
are, of course, to be believed, but those who accuse Trump of similar things 
are "horrible liars." He omits to note of course, that he himself said that he 
did those things to women. So they are merely confirming the truth of his 


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 So, how is Trump's besmirching of his female accusers any different or better 
or more justified than Hillary's alleged attacks against Bill Clinton's 
accusers? Does Trump not realize he's doing the exact same thing he accuses his 
opponent of? I haven't seen this point made anywhere in the media yet. What the 





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