Bhairitu, this is an idiotic line of attack. When you have to make stuff up out 
of whole cloth to throw at those who don't agree with you, it's a really good 
sign you have no arguments. 



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 BTW, I'm wondering why Mother Superior didn't shame Emily when she posted an 
opinion piece yesterday from Dr. Rosenthal though from the TMO was originally 
on FoxNews?  Big oopsie!
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 If that's the case, Putin appears to be backing the wrong candidate.  And, 
Hillary may be correct in saying that the Russians are behind the information 
from WikiLeaks.

 Sooner or later, there could be an accident in Syria that could lead to a 
shootout between the US and Russia.  As such, the UN should mandate a no fly 
zone in Aleppo.


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 Of course he's trying to influence the election. And note that this "report" 
is from the extremely right-wing Newsmax. 
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 Or, is he trying to influence the American election by  tacitly endorsing 

 Report: Putin Possibly Readying for World War, Recalling Russians to 


 Report: Putin Possibly Readying for World War, R... Russian President Vladimir 
Putin could be prepping for new world war as relations with the United States 
and other Western countries continue to disintegrate, accor...

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